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Fedora Project Board & FESCo Meeting :: Monday 2008-06-09

  • Attendees: Seth Vidal, Dennis Gilmore, Chris Aillon, Spot, Bill Nottingham, Karsten Wade, Jeff Spaleta, Matt Domsch, Máirín Duffy, Paul Frields, Jesse Keating, Jason Tibbits, Jeremy Katz, Josh Boyer, Christian Iseli, and John Poelstra


Proposed Approach

Possible Role of FESCo

  1. Software in Fedora--"if you affect the distro"
  2. Features
  3. Oversight of SIGs
  • No common agreement on this


  • Example of a SIG: KDE, Robotics, Astronomy, Python, $LANG
  • Not a SIG: Artwork, Ambassadors, Infrastructure
  • No Governance Model
  • Outreach-Oriented Groups
  • Nuts & Bolts Tech-Oriented

Meeting Outcome

Fedora Board Actions

  • The board has not changed its stance that FESCo owns the feature process
  • The board will meet to determine the other things that FESCo should be responsible for
  • The board define roles that it has for FESCo going forward

FESCo Actions

  • FESCo to provide the following to the Fedora Board
  1. summary of their other ongoing work
  2. what their current focus areas are
  • FESCo will lay out what they want to be responsible for going forward