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Fedora Project Board Meeting :: Tuesday 2008-06-10

Roll Call

  • Attendees: Steve Dickson, Chris Aillon, Matt Domsch, Bill Nottingham, John Poelstra, Paul Frields, Seth Vidal, Karsten Wade, Jeff Spaleta
  • Regrets: Dennis Gilmore

Followup to Previous Business

Fedora Organizational Structure (2008-06-03)

Future Business (discuss at a future meeting)

Codeina (2008-05-13)

  • Need to restart discussion on to get plans in place at the start of F10
  • Chris Aillon to make contact with Bastien Nocera to find out what current plans are--still waiting for status

Secondary Architectures

  • ia64 is close to coming online and two issues need to be resolved to move forward:
  1. Packages are signed with a fedora-ia64 specific key and the repository keys are hard coded in the fedora-release package as the main Fedora and Fedora beta keys.
  2. The download baseurl (outside of the mirror lists, which are correctly handled) will be at (or whatever). Therefore they can not spin a release from Fedora packages.
  • Is this a board issue to resolve or simply an information update to the board to keep them updated?