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Fedora Project Board Meeting :: Tuesday 2008-07-29

Roll Call

Attendees: Tom Callaway, Matt Domsch, Paul Frields, Harald Hoyer, Jesse Keating, Bill Nottingham, Chris Tyler, Seth Vidal, Karsten Wade

Codecs (2008-05-13)

  • Need to restart discussion on fedora-advisory-board redhat com to get plans in place at the start of F10
  • Chris Aillon to make contact with Bastien Nocera to find out what current plans are
  • Waiting on bug 438225 to proceed
    • this change will enable auto-provide for codec information
    • For Fedora 10 removing Codeina and using the distribution's built-in mechanism to install packages (if 438255) is implemented
    • For Fluendo to continue to provide codecs to Fedora they will need to provide them as packages in a yum repo
    • This errs on the side of more "free-ish" software


  1. ACTION :: Paul - request feature page from developer
  2. FESCo should track bug 438225 since this falls into their mandate

Updates (2008-07-15)

  • Some board members are concerned that too many updates are being made to our stable releases


  • Board request more information from FESCo on the following:
    1. Statistics from bodhi about the number updates and bugs fixed
    2. Regression statistics from bugzilla
    3. Is there a policy against updating shared library versions in stable releases?
  • FESCo delivered statistics for updates
    • Are these updates skewed by new packages? (Spin-off issue, see "Package Reviews" below)
  • Board to review update statistics and discuss before further consideration

Privacy Policy (NEW)

  • Tom's draft has been at TomCallaway/PrivacyPolicyDraft for two weeks and comments have been handled
    • We cannot guarantee FAS submitted email addresses' privacy because an outside (non-@fp.o) email address must be used for Bugzilla
    • No retention clauses exist in the draft, people should be able to request a purge if they leave
  • Voting application could be further refined to disconnect voting data from accounts
  • Board to reconsider policy for a vote
  1. ACTION :: Tom - Make change that allows email address to be public
  2. ACTION :: Tom - Add a retention policy
  3. ACTION :: Tom - Create Infrastructure ticket with details on decoupling voting data from account data

Package Reviews (NEW)

  • Board wants to ensure FESCo is driving interest in package reviews
  • Board also wants to ensure it is helping FESCo create an adequate basis for getting that additional contributor help
    • Queue is very lengthy, over 800 packages at last count
    • This may drive update statistics


  1. ACTION :: Paul - Request contributor to produce statistics for review queue on a regular basis in Fedora Weekly news
  2. ACTION :: Karsten - On Docs team, drive priority wiki gardening of the packaging and package review guidelines to make contributor uptake easier

Education Spin (NEW)


  1. Board unanimously approves Education spin for use of "Fedora" marks.