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Fedora Project Board Meeting :: Tuesday 2008-09-23

Roll Call

Attendees: John Poelstra, Matt Domsch, Paul Frields, Karsten Wade, Jef Spaleta, Bill Nottingham, Chris Tyler, Seth Vidal, Spot Callaway, Jesse Keating

Regrets: Harald Hoyer

Followup to Previous Business

Codecs (2008-09-16)

  • Features/GStreamer_dependencies_in_RPM
  • Seth Vidal is going to meet with Richard Hughes to make sure a EULA associated with a specific package or codec works correctly with PackageKit and associated packages
  • UPDATE 2008-09-23
    1. Fedora will only handle packages with EULAs through PackageKit
    2. Fedora does not foresee ever having packages in the official Fedora repos that contain EULAs
    • Remaining questions for follow-up:
    1. What is the regular work flow for codecs in F10 when someone goes to play a media file with a gstreamer enabled player?
    2. What will be the default behavior for a default installation?
    3. Can we confirm that we are no longer prompting for any specific vendor?
    • Spot to track down answers to the remaining questions

Trademark Update (2008-09-16)

  • Board wants to maintain a good hold on how the primary Fedora trademark is used while provides lots of latitude for secondary mark
  • Process of legal review continues and appears to be moving forward favorably
  • trademark guidelines draft has recently been updated and can be found here: User:Pfrields/NewTrademarkGuidelines
  • UPDATE 2008-09-23
    • Paul Frields has a meeting with with Red Hat legal this week