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Fedora Project Board Meeting :: Tuesday 2009-02-24

Roll Call

  • Attendees: Paul Frields, Seth Vidal, Jesse Keating, Matt Domsch, Chris Tyler, Chris Aillon, Spot Callaway, Dimitris Glezos, Harald Hoyer
  • Regrets: Bill Nottingham
  • Secretary: John Poelstra

Trademark & Domain Name Registration

  • Paul Frields will begin contacting people individually about trademark agreements and domain name registrations
  • Board set procedure around granting trademark approval for domain name registration
  • NEXT ACTIONS: Paul to report back in two weeks on progress

Fedora 11 FUDCon Survey Status

Fedora and Embargoed Countries

  • Community building and interactions with embargoed countries
  • Red Hat Legal is reviewing the matter and will respond as they are able
  • Board would like to issue a formal statement when and if that is possible

What is Fedora?

  • Process will start with laying out a general mission statement followed by more detailed vision statements
  • Lengthy discussion (1.25 hours) and collaborative brainstorming using gobby
  • Board is still working to reach consensus
    • Continue discussion on mailing list
    • Reach consensus on mission statement at 2009-03-10 meeting (cannot discuss next week due to public IRC meeting)

Unfinished Board Business

Next Meeting

  • Date: 2009-03-03
  • Time: 18:00 UTC
  • Location:
    • Moderated channel for board answers: #fedora-board-meeting
    • Public channel to ask questions: #fedora-board-public