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Fedora Project Board Meeting :: Tuesday 2009-03-17

Roll Call

  • Board Members: Paul Frields, Seth Vidal, Chris Aillon, Chris Tyler, Jesse Keating, Matt Domsch, Bill Nottingham, and Spot Callaway
  • Regrets: Harald Hoyer, Dimitris Glezos
  • Secretary: John Poelstra

Contributions from Embargoed Nations

  • Topic proposed by Paul Frields
  • Paul and Spot are consulting with Red Hat legal and discussions continue
  • Will report back when more information is available

What is Fedora

  • Continuing discussion centered around the Four Foundations
  • Are there values currently reflected in Fedora that are not captured by the Four Foundations?
    • Request that the board offers feedback on the wiki pages by 2009-03-22
  • Planned progression is:
    1. Mission Statement (done)
    2. Core Values (in progress now)
    3. Vision Statements (TBD)
  • Next step Paul will review the discussion or changes on the wiki until 2009-03-22 and then send round-up to the list

Involvement of the Board in Future Security Incidents

  • Topic proposed by Dimitris Glezos (2009-02-03)
    • Dimitris was unable to attend today's meeting
  • Should the board be notified in the instance of future events?
  • Several noted that Mike McGrath is working on security policy as part of the CSI (Community Services Infrastructure) documentation, and security policy, including incident reporting, is part of that set of docs
    • Invite Mike McGrath to discuss his thoughts and status of an incident reporting policy, and target completion date for written policy
    • Once ready, have Mike present the policy to board for discussion

Board Transparency

  • Background:
  • The board has attempted to be more transparent by capturing minutes with gobby
  • Tracking individual votes is something we can implement when there are actual votes
    • Most decisions are reached at by consensus where a straight up/down vote is not taken
  • Abstaining
    • Should be reserved for conflict of interest, otherwise if a member needs more info, ask for it in the meeting
    • Is really most relevant in cases where we have to take votes; Board often uses consensus to present unified leadership
  • A quorum is required for all decisions made by the board
  • The Board will start capturing discussion points per member at the next meeting


  • Brief discussion of Beta status
    • Main concern is anaconda storage testing and issues
  • Release readiness meeting with all the teams tomorrow