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QA Briefing

James Laska gave a briefing on QA efforts during F11, and planned objectives for F12 and beyond.

Questions & Answers

  • nirik asked about any particulars regarding SSH vulnerability wrt. the final intrusion report. No additional vulnerabilities were discovered during the investigation.
  • Sparks asked about the possibility of two-factor authentication for the infrastructure. Problematic due to 100% FOSS requirement, but the Board directed him to check in with Infrastructure about it.
  • gregdek asked whether the new QA team member in Beijing was going to be able to help build community in China. jlaska indicated it was possible, and wanted to discuss further out-of-band.
  • rarora asked about yum performance and was directed to #yum since this was a bit off topic for a Board issue.
  • notting asked about the status of Asterisk meetings. mmcgrath will have an Asterisk server based off F11 soon after release, but needs more volunteer help getting a broadcast system off the ground.


stickster OK, I think that all the Board members are now here 07 Apr 14:00
* stickster waves to everyone 07 Apr 14:00
f13 hi 07 Apr 14:00
stickster Happy Tuesday! 07 Apr 14:00
f13 I'm only here for 30 minutes before I have to run for a chiropractor visit 07 Apr 14:00
--- gregdek ( changed mode: +v ivazquez 07 Apr 14:00
--- gregdek ( changed mode: -v ivazquez 07 Apr 14:00
stickster f13: OK, no sweat sir 07 Apr 14:00
ctyler 07 Apr 14:01
* ctyler waves to all 07 Apr 14:01
stickster Before we get started, I just wanted to say briefly that we're doing things a little differently today 07 Apr 14:01
stickster gregdek will directly voice people here to facilitate easier conversation 07 Apr 14:01
stickster The first (maybe only?) thing on our agenda, and poelcat can correct me if I'm wrong, is a QA briefing from James Laska (jlaska) 07 Apr 14:02
stickster So gregdek, you can do the honors and voice Mr. Laska :-) 07 Apr 14:02
--- gregdek ( changed mode: +v jlaska 07 Apr 14:02
poelcat stickster: yes, that is all we have on the agenda 07 Apr 14:02
jlaska Greetings! 07 Apr 14:03
stickster poelcat: Thank you sir :-) 07 Apr 14:03
stickster Greets jlaska! 07 Apr 14:03
jlaska Well, I was asked to join and provide a quick outline of recent activities in the Fedora QA space ... and perhaps some direction on where we're heading 07 Apr 14:04
stickster So James, maybe you can give us a thumbnail view of what the QA team currently looks like, and then we can talk about activities 07 Apr 14:04
jlaska certainly 07 Apr 14:04
stickster Not all our audience may know the QA team, so it would help them get acquainted 07 Apr 14:04
jlaska thankfully, the QA team is *growing* 07 Apr 14:05
jlaska we have a lot of contributors engaging on the mailing lists and signing up for different focus areas 07 Apr 14:06
stickster The fedora-test-list seems to be very busy lately! 07 Apr 14:06
jlaska the core of the team, consists of Will Woods python hacker extraordinaire who is looking into implementing a core set of repeatable automated tests 07 Apr 14:07
jlaska Adam Williamson recently joined the team, and as you've probably seen, is a communications ninja. Adam is helping promote Test Days, improve documentation and engaging with the BugZappers team 07 Apr 14:08
jlaska then there's me, James Laska ... I also help drive and promote Test Days and help try to tame rawhide 07 Apr 14:09
jlaska Jóhann Guðmundsson (viking_ice) has been a long time contributor who helps keep us on our toes by asking the hard questions 07 Apr 14:10
jlaska so we're definitely a *small* team 07 Apr 14:10
mdomsch jlaska, but you have a larger pool of testers who are part of the extended QA team, yes? 07 Apr 14:11
jlaska definitely ... and that pool is expanding 07 Apr 14:11
stickster It seems like the Fedora QA team has been increasingly visible over the past release. What sort of activities has Fedora QA undertaken during F11 development? You mentioned Test Days, for one. (Leading questions, sorry.) ;-) 07 Apr 14:12
jlaska We're also joined by a Liam Li, who works in Beijing ... he's our newest member and still coming up to speed, but shows a lot of promise 07 Apr 14:12
jlaska stickster: yeah I believe Test Days and Bugzappers are our two most visible efforts at this point 07 Apr 14:13
h\h very cool efforts 07 Apr 14:14
jlaska both efforts are an attempt to provide a place for the large number of subscribers/posters to fedora-test-list to engage the Fedora QA team 07 Apr 14:14
jlaska if I had to list the challenges facing the team ... 07 Apr 14:14
jlaska 1) a large number of drive-by-testers on that we weren't able to fully engage 07 Apr 14:15
jlaska 2) not enough documentation around repeatable process 07 Apr 14:15
jlaska 3) an *enormous* amount of daily change with rawhide 07 Apr 14:15
f13 I've got one to add too, not sure where on the list it belongs 07 Apr 14:16
jlaska f13: got for it 07 Apr 14:16
jlaska s/got/go/ 07 Apr 14:16
f13 One of the biggest challenges I see is our attention span 07 Apr 14:16
f13 that is, we constantly have stuff moving, be it rawhide, a development release, a snapshot, a test day, 0 day updates, etc... 07 Apr 14:17
jlaska f13: true, great point 07 Apr 14:17
f13 there is always something vying for our attention, which leaves very little room for the longer term projects such as autoqa 07 Apr 14:17
f13 for those dedicated to QA its bad, for those like me who serve multiple masters its far worse. 07 Apr 14:17
notting f13: reactive rather than proactive? 07 Apr 14:18
f13 notting: thats part of it, but even proactive is hard 07 Apr 14:18
f13 if we tried to be proactive about everything that is going on in the Fedora world, we would have 0 time left for any sort of forward looking development 07 Apr 14:18
jlaska For me ... this is why improving communication around Test Days and BugZappers is key 07 Apr 14:18
f13 so we have to choose some things to largely ignore, such as updates and testing updates to stable releases 07 Apr 14:18
stickster f13: Does it help at all now that the Fedora QA team has a full-time community-facing person, so wwoods can concentrate on more of the automation efforts? 07 Apr 14:19
f13 and let the community at large play the QA role there 07 Apr 14:19
stickster (that might be a good question for jlaska as well) 07 Apr 14:19
f13 stickster: it certainly doesn't hurt 07 Apr 14:19
jlaska by improving participation around these efforts, the hope is to gather interest and bugs around these features so that we can have room for other efforts ... like improving automation 07 Apr 14:19
jlaska f13: points out the autoqa efforts that began at the most recent FUDCon 07 Apr 14:20
jlaska f13 and wwoods made good progress in the days/weeks following, but were pulled away into other pressing efforts 07 Apr 14:21
stickster So autoqa is one of the efforts to support a better quality release. I'm going to ask a somewhat open ended question -- how do we tell if those efforts work? 07 Apr 14:21
jlaska autoqa is part of the puzzle 07 Apr 14:21
f13 stickster: I think its subjective 07 Apr 14:21
f13 however if autoqa efforts find bugs faster than the manual testing or "stumble upon" processes, I see that as a success 07 Apr 14:22
f13 we're just at the very tip of the automated qa possibilities. We purposefully chose some tests to target that are very easy to do, and pretty well understood 07 Apr 14:22
jlaska one aspect of testing is rawhide installation testing 07 Apr 14:23
f13 so that we can focus on the automation of them, rather than the test themselves 07 Apr 14:23
jlaska this happens daily in #fedora-qa and on the mailing list ... but isn't the quickest activity for a new contributor to pick up 07 Apr 14:23
f13 as we grow our automation capability, we'll have more testing possibilities, that have more immediate and tangible results, such as automated install tests. 07 Apr 14:23
jlaska f13: true, the first part of that though is documenting what the tests we want to run are 07 Apr 14:24
jlaska which we've have made a lot of progress on 07 Apr 14:24
f13 yep 07 Apr 14:24
jlaska 07 Apr 14:24
stickster jlaska: Any thoughts on how the Infrastructure's efforts on their Cumulus project will affect QA work? 07 Apr 14:24
f13 we're making it more clear to our developers and testers what our acceptance criteria are 07 Apr 14:24
jlaska plenty of thoughts, and I'm sure wwoods, adamw, and f13 have ideas. But it's on the radar as a possible mechanism for quickly deploying test systems 07 Apr 14:25
skvidal jlaska: Any thoughts on when rpmdiff will come out from behind closed doors? 07 Apr 14:25
jlaska perhaps for future test days ... or for automated tests 07 Apr 14:25
jlaska skvidal: I don't have any update there, but it's probably a good time to sync up with you and dmalcolm to see if there are any road blocks to break since the last FUDCon discussion 07 Apr 14:25
skvidal all of them 07 Apr 14:25
skvidal they are ALL present 07 Apr 14:26
f13 for those that do not know... 07 Apr 14:26
skvidal and those who do know 07 Apr 14:26
skvidal cannot talk about it 07 Apr 14:26
skvidal so... 07 Apr 14:26
skvidal jlaska: hint hint 07 Apr 14:26
f13 Red Hat possesses a rather large automated QA test system 07 Apr 14:26
jlaska f13 has faster fingers ;) 07 Apr 14:26
f13 There are many parts to it, the harness to run the tests, the scheduling system, the reporting system, and the tests themselves 07 Apr 14:26
f13 Red Hat has made multiple attempts over the years to make this system more open to the community. Most of those attempts have failed for various reasons. 07 Apr 14:27
f13 But the goal (for many) remains the same, to apply OSS methodology and ideology to our (RHTs) testing efforts 07 Apr 14:28
jlaska skvidal: there are a several tools efforts underway at Red Hat related to our Quality efforts what would be very beneficial to the community 07 Apr 14:28
f13 there are many road blocks to this, inertia, NDA tests from partners, unlicensed code (just written internally with no license applied), etc.. 07 Apr 14:28
f13 its some of these roadblocks that I believe skvidal and jlaska are talking about, although I do not know specifically. 07 Apr 14:29
f13 The challenge is the same in some aspects of opening up the Koji code set for Fedora's build system, but more difficult in many others due to the "data" set that is the current tests that RHT uses. 07 Apr 14:29
jlaska so we haven't been successful at opening all the tools used by Red Hat today 07 Apr 14:29
jlaska but I continue to work with those teams and provide guidance on removing any obstacles 07 Apr 14:30
skvidal jlaska: when I talked w/dmalcolm at fudcon it was unlikely, i think. That was the last time I heard 07 Apr 14:30
f13 and unfortunately I need to bow out now. My apologies. 07 Apr 14:30
jlaska skvidal: we can talk further, my understanding was that the functionality would be broken out into seperate existing tools in the fedora space (yum-utils and rpmlint) 07 Apr 14:30
stickster f13: Thanks for attending 07 Apr 14:31
jlaska there are some examples of projects that started internally that are opening up ... beaker (and in part testing.108) is great example ... and that's something wwoods and f13 are making use of now 07 Apr 14:31
jlaska 07 Apr 14:31
* jlaska points to 07 Apr 14:31
skvidal wow 07 Apr 14:32
skvidal 108 is still in use? 07 Apr 14:32
jlaska coming up on 2009-04-23, some folks from our File systems QA team will be demo'ing some of the file system tools they use that are now public 07 Apr 14:32
skvidal 07 Apr 14:32
* skvidal had no idea 07 Apr 14:32
jlaska skvidal: only for docs links that haven't been migrated/removed yet 07 Apr 14:32
skvidal ah 07 Apr 14:32
stickster jlaska: I want to leave enough time for community Q&A, so in the interest of time, can you tell us if you have some specific goals for the F12 (and/or beyond) timeframe for Fedora QA? 07 Apr 14:32
jlaska stickster: sure thing ... this was kind of all over the place, but we can continue this further in the Q+A segment or in #fedora-qa at a future date 07 Apr 14:33
jlaska we're ironing out our Goals for the coming year still ... QA/Goals 07 Apr 14:33
jlaska they are still in *DRAFT* but I expect us to update these rather soon 07 Apr 14:34
jlaska several key items I expect to see there ... 07 Apr 14:34
jlaska 1) Gather and present metrics around current process 07 Apr 14:34
stickster That page is an excellent start! 07 Apr 14:34
jlaska wwoods had reminded me to suggest this. We want to start measuring, so that we can begin to identify soft spots and improve the measurements as well 07 Apr 14:34
jlaska 2) Implement repeatable automated testing 07 Apr 14:35
jlaska that's the autoqa work that wwoods and f13 are actively driving 07 Apr 14:35
jlaska and the last point ... which is intentionally vague now is ... 07 Apr 14:36
jlaska 3) Improve documentation around contributor process 07 Apr 14:36
* stickster notes a few of us have dominated the conversation with jlaska -- any questions from the rest of the Board? 07 Apr 14:36
jlaska Adam has been a *huge* help here since starting, with cleaning leading efforts to clean up our existing wiki pages and by lending a hand in Test Day and BugZappers 07 Apr 14:36
* stickster wholeheartedly applauds adamw 07 Apr 14:37
mdomsch I for one have been impressed with the test days 07 Apr 14:37
stickster I've seen a number of volunteers working on better QA docs too, like C. Beland 07 Apr 14:37
mdomsch I was happy to participate in one 07 Apr 14:37
stickster mdomsch: big +1 07 Apr 14:37
spot 07 Apr 14:37
* spot as well 07 Apr 14:37
jlaska oh boy Beland has a knack for wiki contributions! 07 Apr 14:38
mdomsch for the second one (the power management one), I found it more difficult to participate - more manual steps 07 Apr 14:38
stickster We should point out that many of the test days are extremely easy for *anyone* to participate in -- download a live image, put it on USB, and run a small number of succinct tests 07 Apr 14:38
mdomsch I started, but gave up after having little to contribute after ~45 minutes 07 Apr 14:38
notting jlaska: have you received feedback from the development groups as to the benefits of the test days? 07 Apr 14:38
jlaska mdomsch: true, what I've learned (with Adam's help!) is that the live image *only* test days do gather much more participation 07 Apr 14:38
stickster mdomsch: That was a harder one 07 Apr 14:38
stickster The video card tests, on the other hand, worked miraculously well, I thought 07 Apr 14:39
mdomsch stickster, agreed 07 Apr 14:39
stickster Not all tests will be things that every single person can run, but there is a broad range of places where anyone can help 07 Apr 14:39
jlaska notting: I have ... I try to informally reach out to the maintainers after the events with a set of feedback questions. That's something I'd toss in the measurement bucket for our upcoming goals. 07 Apr 14:39
stickster jlaska: We should look harder at setting up a limesurvey (100% foss) app for use across all teams. 07 Apr 14:40
mdomsch jlaska, I would love to see test days where some amount of automated testing (what can be done) be included as scripts on the livecds 07 Apr 14:40
* stickster notes that the f-test-list has been discussing this very thing 07 Apr 14:40
jlaska stickster: I'd love help in setting that up btw 07 Apr 14:40
ctyler any thought to mixing up the test days' day-of-week? (Thursdays are crazy-hectic for me but I'd like to participate, wonder if others are in the same boat) 07 Apr 14:41
jlaska mdomsch: yeah, I'd like to see that eventually as well 07 Apr 14:41
stickster ctyler: One of the things to note about some of the test days is that you can participate the day after and still have it be just as meaningful 07 Apr 14:41
jlaska mdomsch: I think we're getting closer to thinking about those things ... but I want to first really nail the manual test process 07 Apr 14:41
jlaska mdomsch: some features might already have upstream test plans for which we could include a sample executable on the live image ... I think that's a clever idea 07 Apr 14:42
jlaska ctyler: yeah, as stickster says, we try to find a time that when maintainer(s) and QA folks are *both* available ... but there's certainly no reason you can't jump on board outside those scheduled times 07 Apr 14:42
stickster jlaska: Do you mind sticking around for Q&A from the community, in case they have any Q's for you? 07 Apr 14:42
* stickster thinks we should move to the Q&A segment since some people may have to scoot if we go much past an hour 07 Apr 14:43
stickster Board: any objections? 07 Apr 14:43
skvidal no 07 Apr 14:43
ctyler sounds good 07 Apr 14:44
gregdek Are we ready, then? 07 Apr 14:44
mdomsch bring it on! 07 Apr 14:44
stickster gregdek: Fire away 07 Apr 14:44
--- gregdek ( changed mode: +v nirik 07 Apr 14:44
gregdek nirik: You're on. 07 Apr 14:44
nirik First of all, I would like to thank the board for the detailed announcement about the aug 2008 compromise incident. 07 Apr 14:44
nirik As a followup, I know many Fedora users are concerned that they might fall prey to a similar compromise. Can you provide any more information about how the admins ssh key was obtained? Were they compomised via any known vulnerability? or can you provide more details? 07 Apr 14:44
stickster nirik: As we laid out in the announcement, we didn't find any additional vulnerabilities in the course of the investigation. If we had, we would have immediately disclosed them in the accepted fashion 07 Apr 14:45
nirik yeah, just wondering the details on obtaining the key if it was known... 07 Apr 14:46
stickster We don't have any other details to provide -- but we've taken steps in the security policy, thanks to Mike McGrath for his continued work on those, to ensure that all admin-level Fedora folks have properly secured their SSH keys 07 Apr 14:47
nirik ok, fair enough. Thanks again for the announcement. 07 Apr 14:47
gregdek nirik: anything else? 07 Apr 14:47
nirik 07 Apr 14:47
* nirik motions gregdek to move on. ;) 07 Apr 14:47
* stickster notes that the security policy and other docs are available at 07 Apr 14:47
--- gregdek ( changed mode: -v nirik 07 Apr 14:47
--- gregdek ( changed mode: +v Sparks 07 Apr 14:47
gregdek Sparks, you have the conch.  :) 07 Apr 14:47
Sparks Thanks... Regarding the compromise... Is the Board going to mandate/ask for better authentication methods? 07 Apr 14:47
spot Well, the methods have already been tightened down somewhat since the incident. 07 Apr 14:48
skvidal Sparks: and to make them a lot better would require some add-on hardware - rsa keyfobs, for example 07 Apr 14:48
spot But I suspect that if you have suggestions for process improvements, mmcgrath and the Fedora Admin folks would be willing to hear. I still have faith that they're making the right decisions. 07 Apr 14:49
skvidal ideally, I think we'd like to make sure all of our infrastructure is as open-source-y and replicable by others as possible 07 Apr 14:49
stickster skvidal: +1 -- it's our mandate, after all. 07 Apr 14:49
skvidal Sparks: some of the key-fob-based OTP have been looked at 07 Apr 14:49
skvidal Sparks: ask in #fedora-admin or on the infrastructure lists 07 Apr 14:50
Sparks skvidal: Okay, thanks. 07 Apr 14:50
gregdek Sparks: anything else? 07 Apr 14:51
Sparks gregdek: Nope... Thanks! 07 Apr 14:51
--- gregdek ( changed mode: -v Sparks 07 Apr 14:51
ctyler 07 Apr 14:51
* ctyler wondered if mdomsch would have to forgo organizing a keysigning session at the next FUDCon in favor of a retina scanning session 07 Apr 14:51
gregdek Since there are no further questions in the queue, may I ask one? 07 Apr 14:51
spot 07 Apr 14:51
* spot patiently waits for it 07 Apr 14:51
ctyler why not? 07 Apr 14:52
skvidal ctyler: why NOT retina scan? 07 Apr 14:52
skvidal well, personally, my eyes are much more valuable to me than, say, anything fedora will EVER do :) 07 Apr 14:52
ctyler 07 Apr 14:52
* ctyler meant, why not a question from gregdek 07 Apr 14:52
skvidal oh, I see 07 Apr 14:52
gregdek My Q: Will our new Chinese QA person be able to help build the Fedora community in China, and is he tasked with any such work? 07 Apr 14:53
* stickster notes there are some other notable contributors in China already, e.g. Charles Peng, who appears regularly on the Planet 07 Apr 14:53
jlaska gregdek: the possibility is there ... he's tasked helping bring the secondary architectures online as they progress 07 Apr 14:53
jlaska gregdek: if there are any specifics you have in mind ... we should probably chat so I have something to work with him on 07 Apr 14:55
gregdek English-speaking contributors in China are great, but my real question is: who is the Rodrigo Padula of China, who can cultivate a native Chinese language community and bring the highlights of that work back to us? 07 Apr 14:55
gregdek I will take this offline.  :) 07 Apr 14:55
jlaska heh 07 Apr 14:55
gregdek And now, a question from rarora. 07 Apr 14:55
--- gregdek ( changed mode: +v rarora 07 Apr 14:55
gregdek rarora: You have the floor. 07 Apr 14:55
rarora thanks gregdek, my question is a little abstract, but Is there any work going on currently on making yum faster.. especially things like depsolving? Also, there are too many dependencies in Fedora packages in general.. are there any on-going efforts on improving that? 07 Apr 14:55
spot mmm, blanket generalizations. i love them. 07 Apr 14:56
gregdek :) 07 Apr 14:56
skvidal rarora: do you have specific bugs open? 07 Apr 14:56
notting ... this is not really appropriate for the board. we don't direct yum development as part of our board duties. 07 Apr 14:56
skvidal rarora: and I'm not sure this is a board issue 07 Apr 14:56
stickster Actually, a lot of what is perceived as yum slowness is due to network latency and disk latency 07 Apr 14:56
skvidal rarora: go to #yum and we can discuss it 07 Apr 14:56
spot i can't speak to yum, but on your second point, you should open bugs against specific packages where you think there are unnecessary dependencies. 07 Apr 14:56
stickster spot: +1 07 Apr 14:56
skvidal rarora: but we've done a fair bit of speed testing and I think the numbers look pretty good 07 Apr 14:56
* stickster notes that running from an updated yum cache he gets speeds that are mind-bogglingly good on F10 07 Apr 14:57
gregdek rarora: Any other questions? 07 Apr 14:57
rarora gregdek, thanks.. I'm done 07 Apr 14:57
--- gregdek ( changed mode: -v rarora 07 Apr 14:57
gregdek All right. 07 Apr 14:57
gregdek That's the queue. 07 Apr 14:57
skvidal and look it is 4minutes until the hour 07 Apr 14:58
skvidal we're done early 07 Apr 14:58
caillon rarora, fwiw, try FC3 once again and use yum there. i think yum's doing pretty well.  :) 07 Apr 14:58
notting do we need to discuss how the board should encourage more questions? do we need to do something more controversial? 07 Apr 14:58
spot hey guys, i herd u lik mp3. 07 Apr 14:59
poelcat 07 Apr 14:59
* poelcat sees codeina on next week's agenda 07 Apr 14:59
poelcat jk 07 Apr 14:59
skvidal poelcat: could we discuss the intrusion some more, too? 07 Apr 14:59
stickster poelcat = FedoraBuddy() 07 Apr 14:59
stickster self.smack(poelcat) 07 Apr 14:59
notting what's the status of infrastructure for fedoratalk voice meetings? 07 Apr 15:00
caillon maybe we could combine the two. "We've detected you'd like more information about the intrusion. Please click here to install additional software to auto ask about it at the fedora board public meetings" 07 Apr 15:00
stickster caillon: "additional non-free" 07 Apr 15:00
gregdek So... um... are we adjourned?  :) 07 Apr 15:00
poelcat serious question... w/ the new format do we still want to capture the other channel discussion in the recap ? 07 Apr 15:00
ctyler callion: Sorry, a package to do that was not found. 07 Apr 15:01
stickster notting asked a real question. 07 Apr 15:01
ctyler poelcat: no 07 Apr 15:01
ctyler 07 Apr 15:01
* ctyler wants to know about fedoratalk meetings too 07 Apr 15:01
stickster notting: That was assigned to someone on Infrastructure, but it's somewhat stalled right now 07 Apr 15:01
notting stickster: although, it occurs to me that mmcgrath may not have voice to respond 07 Apr 15:01
--- ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) changed mode: +o mmcgrath 07 Apr 15:01
stickster oops 07 Apr 15:02
--- ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) changed mode: +v mmcgrath 07 Apr 15:02
--- ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) changed mode: -o mmcgrath 07 Apr 15:02
stickster mmcgrath: Go ahead 07 Apr 15:02
stickster The last I heard we had some codec problem that caused streams to go out of sync, so the published audio conference would be useless to listen to later 07 Apr 15:02
stickster Lost samples were being dropped instead of written out as silence 07 Apr 15:03
ctyler ouch 07 Apr 15:03
stickster So over the course of a multi-way conversation, the conversation would get further and further out of time 07 Apr 15:03
mmcgrath I was poking a bit, right now we have a duplicate asterisk install 07 Apr 15:03
mmcgrath on rawhide. 07 Apr 15:03
mmcgrath Our plan is to base it off of that (and ultimately F11 when it comes out) because of our need for newer libraries and things. 07 Apr 15:04
mmcgrath but at this time we have no ETA. 07 Apr 15:04
mmcgrath It's been a $TIME issue on myself and on volunteers like jcollie 07 Apr 15:04
stickster mmcgrath: Would it be fair to say you could use an extra hand or two from people with significant experienece in... Asterisk? Gstreamer? Anything else? 07 Apr 15:04
mmcgrath yep, anyone with expertise in those areas could be put to use 07 Apr 15:05
stickster Also, must be good at washing cars. 07 Apr 15:05
mmcgrath or scooters 07 Apr 15:05
stickster Thanks for the update mmcgrath 07 Apr 15:05
stickster gregdek: Were there any other questions in the queue? 07 Apr 15:06
gregdek stickster: There were not. 07 Apr 15:06
stickster Well, I guess that's our cue then. 07 Apr 15:06
gregdek At least, none that you yourself didn't answer.  :) 07 Apr 15:06
stickster gregdek: I still question myself sometimes, too. 07 Apr 15:06
stickster Well, thank you to our community members for attending, and for their questions 07 Apr 15:07
stickster Thanks to James Laska for his QA update 07 Apr 15:07
stickster And thanks to the Board members too. Don't they look fabulous? 07 Apr 15:07
mdomsch hear hear 07 Apr 15:08
* stickster sotto voce to gregdek: This is where you bring down the house 07 Apr 15:08
stickster OK, thanks to gregdek as well. 07 Apr 15:09
stickster We're adjouned 07 Apr 15:09
stickster adjourned, even. 07 Apr 15:09
ctyler Thanks James, Greg 07 Apr 15:09
gregdek HOLLA! 07 Apr 15:09
jlaska thanks folks ... please feel free to hit up myself, Will or Adam for ideas on improving test days! 07 Apr 15:10
--- ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) changed mode: -o gregdek 07 Apr 15:10
stickster Test Days are awesome, please stop by and participate in one! 07 Apr 15:10
stickster QA/Test_Days/F11 07 Apr 15:10
--- ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) changed mode: -v mmcgrath 07 Apr 15:11
--- ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) changed mode: -v jlaska 07 Apr 15:11
--- stickster (n=thereaso@fedora/stickster) changed topic: Next public Fedora Project Board meeting: 2009-05-05 UTC 1800 07 Apr 15:12

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