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Fedora Project Board Meeting :: Wednesday 2009-04-22

Roll Call

  • Attendees: Jesse Keating, Bill Nottingham, Harald Hoyer, Paul Frields, Tom "Spot" Callaway, Dimitris Glezos, Mike McGrath, Matt Domsch, Seth Vidal

Regrets: Chris Aillon, Chris Tyler

  • Secretary: John Poelstra

Future Security Response Plans

  • Dimitris requested that the board discuss plans for future handling
  • Paul noted that there may be no way to avoid inherent conflict when a matter arises that affects both Red Hat and Fedora
  • Mike would like to create policy, but it is difficult to write because:
    • Incident response will vary depending on the incident in question
    • Knowledge dissemination will happen as discovery happens
    • Would like to have a contact list and policy so that if Red hat asks who knows we can reference the policy
  • Spot suggests there are two scenarios to consider when laying out a policy:
    1. Red Hat related
    2. Fedora issue only
    • Seth asked, 'what is a Fedora issue only'?
    • Dimitris noted the community need to have these answered very clearly
  • First possible contacts could/should (?) be:
    • Spot as manager of Fedora Infrastructure
    • Paul as Fedora Project Leader
  • One potential way to expose board members to more information would be a signed non-disclosure agreeement (NDA)
    • Seth opposed to NDAs
    • Dimitris opposed too, but would consider if it's the only way the Board would be kept in the loop
  • Board supports Mike writing a policy that he believes is the right way to to do this
    • individual people will be brought into the loop "as needed"; no blanket groups automatically granted
    • Will need to run past Red Hat Security and potentially Red Hat Legal
    • Mike to draft a document and send to fedora-infrastructure by 2009-05-27

What is Fedora?

Status of Trademark Followup

  • follow-up to: Board/Meetings/2009-03-10#Trademark_Followup
    • Paul is following up with people that have concerns
  • Trademark_licensees
  • Overall uptake is good
    • A few general misgivings remain
    • One community member with very specific issues, trying to resolve them currently
  • Fedora Legal recently had to intervene in a misuse of "Fedora Remix" -- we do need to maintain vigilant Domain Request

  • Tabled for next week's meeting: 2009-04-28
  • Email from Frederic Hornain delayed in FAB queue while Paul (list maintainer) was on vacation
    • ACTION ITEM: Paul - to figure out status