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Roll Call

Present: Josh Boyer, John Poelstra, Paul Frields, Matt Domsch, Tom 'spot' Callaway, Dennis Gilmore, Christopher Aillon

Regrets: Dimitris Glezos, Bill Nottingham, Mike McGrath

Last meeting


Russian Fedora Initiative

    • Paul to first resolve questions with RH Legal about non-software goods licensing
    • Non-software goods license approved by Legal
    • Awaiting contact back from Alexey to create agreements; email on 2009-08-12

Thai community domain

Spins and Download site redesign

big improvements

  1. logo and branding is very clear
  2. much more simplified definition of what people can expect
  3. clear call to action for download
  4. makes a personal connection

<paul's pontification begins> ;-)

  1. shows that Fedora is "fun" or "cool"
    • cool and fun can encourage more people to become involved
  2. publicly proclaim what we do well

<paul's pontification ends>

Next Meeting

  • PROPOSED: 2009-08-20 UTC 1600
    • caillon cannot make it