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Roll call

  • Present: John Poelstra, Mike McGrath, Paul Frields, Chris Tyler, Colin Walters, Matt Domsch, Josh Boyer, Christopher Aillon, Dennis Gilmore
  • Regrets: Tom "Spot" Callaway
  • Assigned meeting secretary: John Poelstra

Ad Bard

  • Background
    • Ad Bard is a FSF-endorsed advertising provider
    • Ad Bard is providing a free advertisement for Fedora as a trial
    • Rotating ad banners pointing to Fedora will run on other sites
  • Josh Boyer provided an update
    • Text for the ad and landing URL has been communicated to Ad Bard
  • Advertisement will run in February
  • Fedora web sites do not carry ads by Ad Bard or anyone else. The Board could revisit this in the future if needs dictate.
    • Paul will log into site to see if there is any useful information to Fedora

Spin approvals

  • Background: Spins_Process
    • Board is responsible for approving trademark use for all new spins
  • Colin raises question of need for every spin to create their own ISOs, vs some spins that could suffice with a package group.
  • Paul notes thread continues on
  • Fedora should not seek out "special dispensation" to use the trademarks of others, outside the scope of the standard trademark agreements open to everyone as this could affect downstream reuse

Design Suite


    • Move forward as appropriate after feedback from Red Hat Legal
    • Peter can move forward with the development and testing process:
      • change name of the spin file name
      • wiki page can remain "as is"

Sugar on a Stick

  • Sugar_on_a_Stick
  • QUESTION: Does the Board approve the use of Fedora trademarks for this spin?
    • Board grants trademark usage for this spin
    • Paul to follow up with Sugar Labs people to get clear understanding around the trademark status of Sugar or Sugar on a Stick
    • Board will revisit the status of the spin at such time as Sugar Labs finalizes their trademarks

Working group (renamed)

  • Poelstra provided status on working group and next steps
  • First meeting 2010-01-18 Monday UTC 2000 (3:00pm US Eastern)
  • Group is not making official decisions, but is clarifying topics in progress
    • Get them into a form the Board can review effectively and approve as needed
    • Start by pulling together all of the current sub-projects and discussions underway

Next meeting

  • Feedback indicates that meeting time is unchanged and this will remain the standard meeting time
  • Thursday, January 21, 2010 UTC 1700 (12:00pm US Eastern)

Potential future agenda

virtio-win drivers