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Roll Call

  • Present: Paul Frields, Chris Tyler, John Poelstra, Colin Walters, Mike McGrath, Christopher Aillon, Josh Boyer, Dennis Gilmore, Matt Domsch
  • Regrets: Tom Callaway
  • Assigned meeting secretary: Chris Tyler


Improved metrics

  • Summary: It is proposed that per-installation UUID information be passed from yum to MirrorManager and captured to improve accuracy of installed-system counts and other metrics. Possible issues for legal: privacy and records retention
  • Status report:
    • Matt and Paul to get questions together for Red Hat Legal
      • Waiting to hear back from Legal on involvement of non-RH
      • Will then set up teleconference
      • Paul would like to pursue this as an opportunity for 'best practices' creation, addressing these issues in general as well as the mirrormanager/yum UUID case specifically -- possibly drafting on wiki depending on counsel
    • advisory-board thread started

TLA for Fedora Turkiye

Strategic working group

Overall status:

Importance of strategy


  • Explaining why the board is pursuing these issues and believes they are important
  • To advance free software, we need to provide a sustainable integration of free software without cutting corners. By providing a positive first impression throughout the install and runtime use, we support Fedora's reputation as a leading and reliable product that attracts future users and contributors. To provide that integration and experience we must have a clear set of priorities to encourage contributors' efforts. These priorities are not meant to keep contributors from working on the parts of Fedora that matter to them. These priorities guide contributors to focus their efforts in cases where they cannot equally cover all needs. Teams that care passionately about those needs should use the opportunity to grow our contributor base to help meet them. While narrowing our focus in some areas, though, we must provide opportunities for exploration to all contributors within the framework of our core values and without impeding progress.
  • Proposed by John Poelstra that we approve this statement and add it to the board wiki pages.
    • Approved (unanimous)
  • ACTION: John Poelstra to add to the board wiki pages.

Different default offering


  • QUESTION: Is there anyone on the Board who cannot support the belief that the Desktop Spin should continue as Fedora's default distribution offering? If so, what would have to change for you to do so?
  • Josh Boyer suggested that the question as phrased is not fully answered by the notes.
  • ACTION: Paul to split out pages and answer two specific questions:
    • What does it take to be considered the default spin?
    • Why are we staying with the Desktop spin at this time?
  • NEXT ACTIONS: Paul will bring the changes to the SWG, and then back to the board.
  • Related discussion ensued:
    • Colin: How to manage change better -- might be both a political and a technical component. Not really a DE vs. DE issue.
    • Dennis: affected by approach to updates
    • John: open to changing the default desktop if managed through a more robust "feature like process." Someone would have to propose the process and criteria as well a group to manage it. There are higher priority issues the board should work on currently.

Other Business

  • No Frozen Rawhide
    • Matt Domsch proposes we recognize and thank the people who have made No Frozen Rawhide a reality when the F13 branching occurs.
      • John: +1 to Matt's suggestion. It is good to focus on the things we acheive and do well. It is too easy to focus only on the things that aren't going well or that we think should be better. This is a great reminder.
      • Paul +1 as well, and notes that NFR is an important step towards having a more-usable Rawhide, which will encourage more people to use and test it.
    • John Poelstra and Jesse Keating are meeting live on Fedora Talk tomorrow (2010-02-12) regarding NFR, as announced on list to make sure the documentation and instructions are ready. (

Next meeting

  • Thursday, February 18, 2010 UTC 1700 (12:00pm US Eastern)
    • Next assigned meeting secretary: Christopher Aillon