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Roll Call

  • Present: Matt Domsch, Paul Frields, John Poelstra, Mike McGrath, Colin Walters, Josh Boyer, Dennis Gilmore, Christopher Aillon, Chris Tyler, Tom "spot" Callaway
  • Assigned meeting secretary: Matt Domsch


Update policy

  • Stable_release_updates_vision
  • QUESTION: Is there anyone on the Board who cannot support this statement? If so, what would have to change for you to do so?

Paul: Jesse Keating provided a draft policy for what updates should be done. Board will take this into consideration, if necessary, in another round of discussions (not this meeting).

John, Mike, Spot, Dennis, Matt, Josh: let's finish the Board's draft today that we have worked on so hard all week--other proposals can be factored in later

Christopher Aillon: remove discussion about new packages--this confuses the issue; new packages are a separate topic--this is about updates

Spot: leave new packages part in because there has been a lot confusion around this. "New packages are not considered updates and may be handled differently."

Dennis: "Dependency Groups of packages should be bundled together and pushed simultaneously." (Matt: this is due to how 'make update' works today; it needs to take multiple packages into account if it doesn't already)

Josh, Spot, Paul: decision as to allow/disallow new packages to be introduced into stable releases is to be left to FESCo.

  • Decision: text added to Background: This policy is not meant to govern the introduction of new packages.
  • Decision: unanimous approval, remove "draft" status. Josh to publish Stable_release_updates_vision. Paul to email FAB list. Paul and Josh to come up with appropriate title and wiki namespace.

Paul: we know we can't please everyone. Stay polite as the next discussion flares, but stay the course.

Next meeting

  • PROPOSED: Wed 2010-03-18 UTC 1700
  • Next secretarial duty: Tom 'spot' Callaway
  • Regrets: Matt Domsch