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Roll Call

  • Present: Matt Domsch, Mike McGrath, Christopher Aillon, Colin Walters, Paul Frields, Dennis Gilmore, Chris Tyler
  • Regrets: Josh Boyer, Tom 'spot' Callaway, John Poelstra
  • Assigned meeting secretary: Paul Frields


Trademark matter

  • Question to legal@fp.o asking for permission to use our logo in a T-shirt contest entry at the Linux Foundation
    • TM counsel reports we can give a specific permission that is limited in scope to just this contest entry, without setting broader precedent.
    • Inclined to give a specific permission for this since (a) it was sought, and (b) seems like a negligible risk
    • Thanks to the community member who asked in advance!
    • QUESTION: Does the Board agree we can grant a specific, limited permission for the creator to enter these two designs in the LF contest?

AGREED: No objections. Paul to note to requester.

Diagram progress

  • STATUS: In progress, Paul to give a short status
    • Met with Mo Duffy for some designer input
      • Presented purpose for the diagram
      • Got feedback, and will do some narrative and another iteration
    • ACTION: Paul working on next draft, will present to SWG+Board+FAB

FPL succession

Election schedule

  • STATUS: Draft is out on advisory-board list
    • Feedback from Board members encouraged
    • mdomsch: FESCo rules have specific rules
      • we should ask FESCo to reconcile this with a general project schedule-based policy
      • Is there any desire to change the way that town halls/questionnaires work?
    • pfrields: Light but generally positive response in Fedora community, and also from external free software communities as well
      • as long as people are interested in staffing it, OK to continue
      • make sure we have a way for people to get involved in the process if desired
    • ACTION: mdomsch to file ticket with FESCo explaining issue

FESCo Update Policy

  • STATUS: FESCo has posted a policy
    • Package_update_acceptance_criteria
    • Planning is still underway
    • Board members should keep an eye on progress
      • Does the plan so far meet our vision/requirements?
      • Implementation details will really be the key
      • Be mindful of people costs/requirements
    • pfrields: Outlined Board responsibilities above
    • mdomsch: Testimony to quality of FESCo discussion and vote -- no resulting uproar
    • mmcgrath: Having the known quantity of criteria has helped a lot
    • mdomsch: interested in possibility of a backport capability, but that's independent of the updates model and making them more stable
    • dgilmore: work is going forward on gathering info for a KoPeR capability
  • Board agree it's good to see people driving this idea to a conclusion

Next meeting

  • PROPOSED: Wed 2010-04-01 UTC 1600
    • This is a public IRC meeting
    • Paul hasn't had cycles to work on getting new Asterisk packages made to try out, but will work on it in April for the May meeting.