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Roll call

  • Present: Mike McGrath, Paul Frields, John Poelstra, Josh Boyer, Chris Tyler, Colin Walters, Chris Aillon, Dennis Gilmore
  • Regrets: Tom 'spot' Callaway, Matt Domsch
  • Assigned meeting secretary: John Poelstra


MeeGo status

  • Paul reached out to project leadership to see if Fedora could lend their support officially via a statement
  • Haven't been able to raise response from anyone
  • Considering low priority item at this time, but will continue to reach out over the next week
  • Mini-sig being led by Peter Robinson

License agreement for

  • Granting trademark for
  • Approved by the board
  • Accompanying issue of fragmentation -- need to be able to redirect people properly
  • ACTION: Paul will create TLA and send out
  • ACTION: Mike will create domain and redirect to
  • ACTION: Christopher Aillon will get with Websites team to request a fc.o index page listing all such sites

Short list of F14 names

  • Reviewed list of proposed names that meet minimum requirements
  • This is the list Legal will first concentrate on
    • Bacon
    • Mitikas
    • Fytnargin
    • Laughlin
    • Beardmore
    • Celebi
    • Ventnor
    • Hoppin
    • Laramie
  • The next group of names have passed the initial check but have questions or issues raised by Design
  • This list will also be used if the ballot is insufficient (less then 5 or 6 names)
    • Korolyov
    • Baudelaire
    • Tsiolkovsky
    • Button
    • Scofield
    • Bhanji
    • Kingsley
    • Rubbia
    • Neper
    • Tudek
    • Chaplin
    • Lausanna
    • Alfven
    • Shepard
    • Beers
    • Faickney
  • ACTION: Paul to send list to Red Hat Legal for clearance

Follow-up to vision discussion

  • Start with rotating team meetings
    • invite each team to attend so we can get the word out on what they are working on
    • find out how they need help
  • Invite Websites to the next meeting (2010-05-06)
  • Format of meetings will be:
    • 30 minutes on team discussion
    • 30 minutes for Q&A
  • ACTION: Mike will invite Websites to the first meeting

FPL succession

  • Paul gave the Board a status report

Next meeting

  • Thursday, 2010-05-06 UTC 1600
    • IRC Public meeting
    • Possible team meeting, depending on conclusion of discussion above
  • #fedora-board-meeting