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Roll Call

Present: Jared Smith, Matt Domsch, Chris Tyler, Rex Dieter, Máirín Duffy, Stephen Smoogen, Christopher Aillon, Jon Stanley, Tom "spot" Callaway Absent: Regards:


Updates Work on Open Tickets


  • Any important news to review since Friday?

F14 Status Update

  • Tomorrow is change deadline
  • F14 blockers
    • blocker review meeting last Friday - healthy number of blocker bugs... enough to incite a bit of nervousness. getting pretty good response from package owners, but some still not sure if should be accepted as blockers - not enough info.
    • will try another test compose & release candidate later this week
    • if you have extra time, take a look at the blocker list and see if you can help track the status of blocker bugs
    • Blocker list:

systemd go/no-go

  • FESCo is making the decision this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon


Ticket List:

We'll go through the oldest tickets today to try to clear out ones that don't apply anymore and move those that do forward.

Ticket #11: Respond to Russian Fedora Initiative

(July 2009-Sep 2010)

Status: We are waiting on requestor(s) to provide trademark agreement. Jared will find out from Red Hat Legal if that was taken care of.

Ticket #12: Reflect BT stats on download page

(June-August 2009) Status: Not really a board issue, should be an infrastructure issue. Closing ticket.

Ticket #25: Correspond with ASL on changes

(August 2009-March 2010)

  • ASL = Brazil / Assocation Software Libre
  • "This item will remain open until Paul sends out, and we receive back, a TLA for "
  • Will need to contact Red Hat legal to find out if a TLA was sent out and receieved.

Ticket #30: Produce actual cases of TM infringement + defense

(Sep 2009 - August 2010)

  • Goal to give concrete instances of when trademark infringement / defense has happened to gain more support for trademark license agreement process
  • Jared will contact RH Legal on this one

Ticket #49: Improved Metrics / legal concerns

(February 2010 - March 2010)

  • We were trying to collect better data to count users / collect usage data
  • Had to ask RH legal for advice - would require money / lawyers in each country for privacy law examination / payment declined
  • Project dead at this point due to lack of funding
  • Would be nice to have better numbers... Seth had mentioned including a UUID in with yum to provide a more accurate method than what we have today. That is present in the code but not enabled right now, and never got confirmation from legal if that would be okay or not.
  • Moving forward, our options are:
    1. make it an opt-in thing with an explanation
    2. piggy-back on smolt's opt-in firstboot dialog
    3. wait for legal to get to it.
  • Smolt gives monthly updates
  • yum can optionally append system UUID to the mirrorlist request, so we can see all of the addresses sitting behind a NAT or proxy as separate so we can count real instances of Fedora rather than unique IPs (which masks a lot of systems)
  • would be nice to have redesigned smolt screen, keep ticket open for that, F15

Ticket #59: Establish organizational structure page

(June 2008 - June 2010)

  • User:Pfrields/Drafts/Roles
  • (org chart from before Apr. 2006)
    • Issues with diagram:
      1. mixes technical & people issues together
      2. volunteer comunity members don't actually go through that many layers... individuals shouldn't have to go through the board
      3. have RH corp on one side, volunteers on the other side, show how they both feed into the board, specify how board dals with overarching issues and vision; sets fedora's direction as a whole; vs steering committees: FESCo, FAMSco (Docs was, no more) that make decisions on specific areas
      4. distinction between formal organization that's elected vs. orgs where folks show up and help out (structure within each group maybe?)
      5. diagram purpose: to show people governance structure of Fedora; how does it work
  • assigned to mizmo for fixin up diagram

Ticket #70: Should subdomains point to fp.o?

  • We voted, unanimously voted that subdomains should not point to
  • ticket closed with that resolution

Ticket #80: Ways to improve Board Q&A

  • Will set up a wiki page to track questions in the meanwhile the suggested software app to handle Q & A is written.

Other Issues

  • Jon requested copy of full thesis from Diana Martin's anthropology report and sent to board private list - Diana would like to limit exposure of document while it remains unpublished for various reasons.
  • Jon's first takeaways: Diana had a hard time getting integrated into community. Mentorship issues. Diana also mentioned she'd be happy to help us fix it.
  • Everyone should keep reading through it (there's an open ticket for reviewing it, ticket #79) and we'll followup later

Next Meeting

  • Next week we have an IRC meeting scheduled, no date/time scheduled. (Friday 24th?)
  • 3 board members out next Monday (Zurich flight)
  • Do we want a board meeting before Monday the 27th?
    • 27th is due date for vision statement
    • will be a 5 PM ET irc meeting tomorrow on it (informal IRC chat)
    • on the 22nd, we email to see if we are on track or not to get the vision statement done by the 27th. If the answer is no, we need to meet? Pencil in meeting 4-5:30 ET on the 22nd
  • Next meeting Friday 24th, #fedora-board-meeting, IRC
  • Tentative on 22nd (phone)
  • Phone meeting 27th