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Board Meeting 2010 Nov 15

Roll Call


  • Chris Tyler
  • Jared Smith
  • Stephen Smoogen
  • Jon Stanley
  • Colin Walters
  • Máirín Duffy
  • Tom "spot" Callaway
  • Rex Dieter


  • Christopher Aillon


  • Matt Domsch (conflict)

Assigned meeting secretary: Stephen Smoogen (with a lot of help from his friends)


  • Updates
  • Board business


  • Update on
  • Update on SQL ninja
  • Status update on voting

Board Business

  • #82: Draft a charter for a Community Working Group
  • #90: Non-software goods license agreement
  • #91: Trademark issues
  • Any other business?

Other notes

  • jsmith will be traveling next Monday -- volunteer to run the meeting?
    • Postponed until November 29th.

General Notes

  • duffy looked for spot (404 not found, later found)
  • update on openrespect.
    • (debian project leader Stefano said he had similar experience)
    • this allowed for Stefano and Jared to get to know each other better.
    • look at using as possible venue for working collaboratively with Debian
    • press loves conflict. Jared tried to clarify that this was not a conflict between Ubuntu and Fedora.. just a miscommunication between Jono and people. Not really press-worthy, but oh well.
  • update on sql ninja
    • negatively has been on misunderstanding of whether this was a general case decision or if the two were not related
    • Board is gathering more information and will revisit this topic when they have said information.
  • status on voting
    • chris tyler has stepped up to the plate. the pitcher looks to be throwing at the batter.
    • discussion on extension of nominations. It is what it is.

New Business.

  • Ticket 90
    • Discussion on whether it was allowed to be approved. In the past we have rejected many in the past because they wanted to give us money and we can't take it.
    • Review, oversight, no exclusive rights, quality control are things that need to be answered.
    • concern over existing exclusivity deals with existing vendors... Spot & Jared will research current agreements
    • Chris T had the idea to have a renewal term for the usage
    • Any future agreements should be non-exclusive
  • Ticket 91
    • logo is red versus blue and used in nonlicensed way.
    • name is a name. the logo looks to be an issue.
    • domain looks to be an issue.
    • Jared will reach out and see what can be done in a friendly manner.
  • Rex joined and we can talk about CWG
    • he is ill.
    • Rex has reached everyone and is needing some info from only 1 person.
    • mailing list/trac instance will be done soon. (jstanley or extra)
    • cat in background made everyone run around looking for yarn.
  • Discussion of attendance of members
  • Go over things from the last 6 months
    • Blog (where is it.. )
    • Vision -> Goals for future releases
    • F14 retrospective meeting
    • Communicate and collaborate with FESCO better. (make sure we aren't giving them crack rock).
  • Next week meeting
    • Postpone to the 29th
    • Jared will be in EMEA. Will report after the trip.
  • Work on overarching multi-release goals --> Advisory list. (mizmo will send some to the list to kick off or w/e)