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Roll Call


  • Jared Smith
  • David Nalley (phone only)
  • Joerg Simon (Gobby only)
  • Máirín Duffy
  • Toshio Kuratomi
  • Tom Callaway
  • Stephen Smoogen
  • Jaroslav Reznik
  • Jon Stanley
  • Rex Dieter (late)



Assigned Secretary: Toshio



Follow-up from Friday's IRC meeting

    • (jsmith): considered it fairly productive.
      • From fifteen goals to five. (Board_goals_2011)
        1. Improve and simplify collaboration in the Fedora Community
        2. Improve and encourage high-quality communication in the Fedora Community
        3. It is extraordinarily easy to join the Fedora community and quickly find a project to work on.
        4. Expand global presence of Fedora among users & contributors
        5. Improve education & skill sharing in community
      • Clarified during meeting that these are talking points, not mandates
    • (toshio): concern about making decisions while not having everyone in attendance
      • (jsmith): possibly this is just a scheduling problem, when the IRC working meeting is on Monday attendance will be better
    • (jsimon): joined last FAmSCo Meeting - decision on FAmSCo´s "top" goals will be discussed in the next meeting
    • (spot): would have rather seen narrowing after received feedback from groups
      • (speaker unknown): These goals aren't *the* goals, rather the ones the board thought were most important
      • (toshio): Robyn pointed out maybe goals should bubble up from bottom up, from doers to board
      • (spot): points out that goals haven't come that way when we've asked for them, most organized way to make this happen is work with sigs & groups and work directly with community to solict ideas & feedback, make sure we weigh that into the ones we choose
    • Are these mandate goals or talking point goals?
      • (spot): would prefer they are mandate not talking point
        • We would never say to someone they have to stop doing something, but we want to make it clear we want people to be working on these areas to be useful in these spaces. Maybe a hybrid between mandate and talking point. Stuff aligned with the goals will get more promotion, etc. other stuff less likely to be talked about or guaranteed as a feature
      • Concern that mandates could cause backlash
      • (mizmo): Design team wants to be able to do UI design rather than just mockups that never get implemented. Thinks that the Board could say this goes along with the goals, lets do this... then designers who are not developers could get technical support for their projects so they'll actually happen
        • (toshio): The question is how does the Board wanting it get people to actually devote the time to do it?
    • (spot): Problems with narrowing
      1. sense of bias -- these are what the Board gave us so these are the ones that we should consider
      2. if we give them only five but they say "we find these other five are the ones we're interested in" then we've just wasted time.
  • (spot) Criteria of goals:
    1. importance
    2. Ability to make it happen
    • How to work with the communities as a whole to get the groups to work together.
    • Excited and motivated to do work together
    • (mizmo) Engaging people: present it like an RPG quest: What questions should we ask people?
      • Hey, there are these fifteen goals, which one would you like to achieve?
      • What sort of things/missions are you willing to work on to make it happen?
      • Which of these do you think you can achieve over the next 2 releases?
      • Which are practically possible - that we could actually implement? (eg time travel not possible lol)
      • Which of these do you want to do / work on?
      • Which of these are you excited about?
      • NOT which is your favorite mission/goal
      • NOT which mission/goal do you like
      • What tactics would you propose to further this goal?
        • (spot) but they don't have to come up with tactics at the meeting...
  • How do we keep things from getting into arguments about implementation?
    • (toshio/spot): Need to have tactics (when discussing with fesco/famsco) so that we can determine if it's implementable but keep on topic so that we don't argue about implementation -- just whether implementation is possible.
  • (mizmo): proposal - have the steering committees return to us their list of most popular and then we synthesize those together
    • What groups are involved in the decision?
      • FAmSCo
      • Fesco
      • Infrastructure?
      • Design?
      • Docs?
      • Marketing?
      • Packaging committee??? -- packagers I'd say (not FPC)
      • ?

  • What are we going to present to famsco and fesco?
    • 15 goals vs 5 goals (with allowing for new goals to be added)
    • FAMSCo message included all 15 and (is there any goals that you'd like to add as well)
  • Who
    • FAMSCo and FESco first because they are elected groups & steering committees.... (If they aren't onboard, no chance of being able to do something useful for the project as a whole).
    • If FAMSCo and FESCo on board, then get feedback from other Fedora groups
  • When
    • There's no deadline...
    • Better for them to come to a separate meeting rather than us take over their meeting (if it helps though we can join their time)
      • Could make a new meeting time or take over our meeting time whichever works best for them
      • Discuss tactical feasibility and interest level in goals
      • #ACTION Dave will try to reach out to FAMSCo to have them come to our meeting week of Jan 17th
      • #ACTION Jon will ask FESCo about joining board meeting week of Jan 24th
  • What do we get out of it?
    • Most interest and involvement and feasibility / tactics (list of 5 goals but be willing to compromise on this number)
    • List of 5 in priority/rank order
    • tell them what our process is going to be - we may narrow down to a final number that is < 5, will be based on feedback of various groups
      • have them be in gobby, everyone gets a set number of 'votes' to each goal, then sort in order based on number of votes
      • Give each Board member 10 votes to apply towards the 15... no stacking allowed so no multi-votes per item
      • make clear it's not a vote just a process
    • If they want to add more examples, that would be fine
    • Can clarify the goal language if they feel it's not clear
    • Add more goals if they think there's things that are more important (in the end we want five including the new goals)
    • Ask in terms of "As a contributing Fedora member.... Which of these do you want to work on."
    • #ACTION mizmo will blog this whole process as it stands right now

  • Follow-up from last week's meeting

Board Business

  • Status update on goal coordination meetings w/ FESCo and FAmSCo
    • Folded into discussion above
  • Schedule our next public IRC meeting
    • Next meeting: Monday, January 17th - maybe
      • Depends on what we hear back from FAMSCo.
    • If FAMSCo can meet with us next week... we'll have a special IRC meeting just with them with a Gobby session.
      • FAMSCo has an IRC protocol -- if we do IRC we should read that as homework
    • If FAMSCo can't meet with us next week, then we'll have a phone meeting.
  • Set agenda for our next public IRC meeting
    • It will be talking with FAMSCo regarding goals
  • Set agenda for our FUDCon meeting
    • In general, FUDCon planning is taking up most of jsmith's time
    • What do we, the Board, want to achieve? In person, so what can we do that we couldn't ordinarily?
    • Goals
    • Brainstorming
      • (Examples: We should be using the blog more)
    • Schedule a session / barcamp or hackfest session (in addition to board meeting)
  • Status on the CWG -- how is it coming along?
    • (rdieter) Still working on stuff. No visible actions yet.
    • People have asked on IRC how to contact the CWG already
    • #ACTION rdieter will ask them to give us a progress report
  • Next steps for board goals
    • Folded into discussion above
  • Board blog
    • Proposal: board meeting secretary posts blog... and outline how to do it in a super cool new how-to secretary page
    • #ACTION mizmo will write a new secretary howto including the blog

Other notes

Action Items from Last Meeting

  • Action Item: spot will design a meeting protocol for IRC
    • Board_public_IRC_meetings
    • David Nalley: There's other protocols on the wiki, can we combine?
    • #ACTION David will get links to the protocols to spot and spot will see if anything fits our needs.
    • Proposal from mizmo: meeting secretary is the moderator for IRC meetings if they come up for secretary duty during an IRC meeting
    • #ACTION spot will write up moderator how-to guide based on How_to_run_a_Fedora_design_team_meeting
  • Action Item: jsmith to work on the Fedora Talk server
    • Things are moving forward but there's some old crufty code that needs to be updated in order to get things up to snuff for running meetings in FTalk
  • Action Item: jsmith to investigate dial-in numbers (DIDs or DDIs) in other parts of the world (jreznik to help with the Czech Rep.)
    • jsmith knows of some companies but hasn't made contact with them/sponsors yet
  • Action: (JoergSimon) Have a governance hackfest at fudcon to make some strawman proposals for how Fedora is governed
    • This is on the FUDCon wiki now

Action Items from this meeting

  • #ACTION Dave will reach out to FAMSCo to have them come to our meeting week of Jan 17th (re: goal process)
  • #ACTION Jon will ask FESCo about joining board meeting week of Jan 24th (re: goal process)
  • #ACTION mizmo will blog this whole process (goal-setting) as it stands right now
  • #ACTION spot will write up moderator how-to guide based on How_to_run_a_Fedora_design_team_meeting
  • #ACTION mizmo will write a new secretary howto including the blog