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Fedora Board Meeting, 2011 01 17

  • Secretary: Jaroslav Reznik (jreznik)
  • Meeting Type: IRC



  • Jared Smith (jsmith)
  • Jaroslav Reznik (jreznik)
  • Toshio Kurotami (abadger1999)
  • Tom 'spot' Callaway (spot)
  • Jon Stanley (jds2001)
  • Rex Dieter (rdieter)
  • Stephen Smoogen (smooge)
  • Joerg Simon (kital)
  • Máirín Duffy (mizmo)
  • David Nalley (ke4qqq)
  • Papadeas Pierros (liknus) and Igor Soares (igorps) representing FAmSCo

Not Present:


  • Fedora strategic goals discussion with FAmSCo


Fedora strategic goals discussion with FAmSCo

  • Pierros Papadeas, the Chair of FAmSCo presented their thoughts on Fedora goals proposed by Board to the community discussion
    • FAmSCo prepared suggestions, additions and proposed ownership for goals -
    • FAmSCo feels that each goal needs specific deliverables and action items (and owners also)
      • Spot mentions that board would be looking to groups like FAMSCo to identify those deliverables and action items for themselves, with the understanding that other groups may also have deliverables/action items for the same goal

GOAL #1: Improve and simplify collaboration in the Fedora Community (FAmSCo)

  • FAmSCo thinks that scheduling and events application is a key part in achieving this goal
    • calendaring solution prepared by the end of 2011 (FAmSCo is working on)
  • face to face meetings
    • IDEA: At each FUDCon we can have at least one SCo fully present on this FUDCon
    • the way we #1 improve SCo collaboration and #2 improve the level of FUDCons

GOAL #3: Improve and encourage high-quality communication in the Fedora Community (FAmSCo)

  • more explanations on Summarizers
  • Ambassadors have vast experience in meetings (regional, local etc ones)
    • classrooms on hosting a meeting
  • promote voice meetings-calls, especially for local teams (lower language barrier - jreznik)

GOAL #4: It is extraordinarily easy to join the Fedora community and quickly find a project to work on. (FAmSCo)

  • FAmSCo can lead this goal and make sure by the end of 2011 make deliver a barrier-free Joining procedure for each project of Fedora
    • Kital prefers mentoring over barrier-free joining
    • common steps to join different Fedora sub-projects, finding the right subproject based on contributor's profile

GOAL #11: Expand global presence of Fedora among users & contributors (FAmSCo)

  • FAmSCo means Fedora Project global-wise (geographically) has two main issues
    • minimal Africa presence
    • no APAC wide Events and collaboration of community
  • FAmSCo's goal is to have 4 FUDCons on our respective regions annually
    • FADs can lead the way towards it
    • depends on budget approvals and clearance of Community Architecture team
    • FAmSCo reports minimal investments in new regions leading to major improvements

GOAL #12: Improve education & skill sharing in community (FAmSCo)

  • FAmSCo has nothing particular to add to the goal #12


  • FAmSCo preferences are #11 #4 #1 #3 (tie) #12 (in order of preference)
  • Next thing is to hear what FESCo thinks, and to remind FESCo that we want their feedback from the list of 15 (and possible other goals), rather than the "5" preferred by Board
  • Fedora Board thanks FAmSCo for valuable feedback!

Action Items



Next Meeting

Next meeting will be phone on 2011-01-24 at 19:00 UTC.

Full IRC Log

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abadger1999 hehe 19:01
abadger1999 too many cooks :-) 19:01
jsmith No worries 19:01
jreznik abadger1999: feel free to cook to - it's going to be hard today :) 19:01
jreznik #topic Roll call 19:02
jreznik Who's present today? 19:02
liknus .fas ppapadeas 19:02
zodbot liknus: ppapadeas 'Papadeas Pierros' <> 19:02
* spot is here 19:02
* jds2001 here 19:02
rdieter here 19:02
* DiscordianUK 19:02
jds2001 (for a few minutes only) 19:02
smooge I am here 19:02
liknus (oops you don;t do the .fas thing :P ) 19:02
* abadger1999 here 19:02
* cwickert is here and lurks 19:02
spot liknus: no, but it is an interesting idea. :) 19:03
* kital is here but very unfocused today :S 19:03
* jsmith is here 19:03
liknus spot, it is heavily used in Ambassadors meetings 19:03
* mizmo here 19:03
* ke4qqq is here 19:04
jreznik #info jreznik jsmith abadger1999 spot jds2001 rdieter DiscordianUK smooge kital mizmo ke4qqq present, cwickert lurking 19:04
jreznik anyone else we are waiting for? 19:05
jsmith I don't think so -- let's go ahead and get started 19:05
jreznik just a reminder - meeting rules 19:05
jreznik #link 19:05
jsmith So first of all, I'd like to welcome everyone and say "thank you" for coming :-) 19:05
jsmith The goal of today's meeting is to discuss some broader (multi-release) goals. 19:06
jsmith The Fedora Board has spent the last couple of months working on a list of our own goals (the "infamous 15") 19:06
jsmith That being said, none of us is as smart as all of us 19:07
jsmith So we wanted to reach out to other groups (FAmSCo, FESCo, SIGs, etc.) and get their input as well 19:07
jreznik #topic Fedora strategic goals discussion (with FAmSCo) 19:07
jsmith Let me point out that we're not limiting ourselves just to the 15 goals listed by the Board, but any other goals that FAmSCo might be interested in :-) 19:07
spot ! 19:08
jsmith => spot 19:08
spot Okay, a few points that are worth making: 19:08
spot #1: This is the list of goals along with some useful examples Meeting:Board_meeting_2010-12-13#Suggested_Goals_in_more_detail: 19:08
jds2001 ! 19:09
spot #2: The input we most want from you is not necessarily what you think would be coolest, but rather, which goals you think you would be able and excited about doing. 19:09
spot eof 19:09
jreznik => jds2001 19:09
jds2001 also, the examples mentioned don't necessarily mean anything other than "this is what we thought of" 19:09
mizmo ! 19:10
jds2001 please feel free to come up with things not on the list of examples that would be in furtherance of the goals 19:10
jds2001 eof 19:10
jreznik => mizmo 19:10
mizmo i just wanted to note that the board didn't come up with the goals entirely, there was an open discussion on #advisory-board where many of the ideas were gathered from 19:11
mizmo eof 19:11
mizmo (er advisory-board-list) 19:11
liknus ! 19:11
cwickert ! 19:11
jreznik => liknus 19:11
liknus Shall we get started with input from FAmSCo? 19:12
liknus eof 19:12
spot +1 19:12
jds2001 +1 19:12
jreznik liknus: +1 19:12
liknus Ok then, 19:12
liknus Hello all, I am Pierros Chair of FAmSCo and I will begin apologizing on behalf of the rest of famsco who could not attend this meeting 19:13
liknus We had a special meeting on discussing the goals set by the Board 19:13
liknus 19:13
liknus and we ended up with Suggestions, Additions and some proposed ownership 19:14
liknus All those are written also here (in bold italics) : 19:14
liknus 19:14
liknus (and are part of our meeting's minutes) 19:14
mizmo ? 19:15
liknus mizmo, please go ahead 19:15
mizmo the pirate pad says "Five highest ranked goals according to Board" ... so FESCo didn't pick those 5? 19:15
mizmo eof 19:15
liknus mizmo, those goals are taken from the wiki page : 19:16
liknus Board_goals_2011 19:16
jreznik #info FAmSCo prepared suggestions, additions and proposed ownership for goals - 19:16
mizmo ? 19:16
liknus According to FAmSCo those are indeed the goals we should focus 19:16
liknus => mizmo 19:16
mizmo were the other 10 goals evaluated by FAmSCo as well? 19:17
mizmo eof 19:17
liknus mizmo, we focused only on those 5, as we believe that having widely published many goals will lead to confusion and not-focused work done 19:18
mizmo ! 19:18
liknus mizmo, 19:18
mizmo i think we have some confusion here 19:18
mizmo the board came up with a list of 15 example goals 19:18
mizmo they are not exhaustive 19:18
mizmo (i am pretty sure) we were looking to see which of the 15 FAmSCo thought would be most important to pursue over the next two releases, and if we missed any to propose additional ones 19:19
spot mizmo: +1 19:19
jds2001 mizmo: +1 19:19
mizmo absolutely agreed having > 5 set as the goals is going to be too confusing and simply not possible to achieve 19:20
jreznik mizmo: +1 19:20
mizmo at this point though we're looking to figure out which of the 15+others are the most important, and we were look for famsco's perspective on what 3-5 goals they thought most important 19:20
mizmo eof 19:20
liknus Famsco saw the 15 ones and ended up reallizing that the already "high ranked" ones suit us OK 19:20
abadger1999 ? 19:20
liknus abadger1999, 19:20
abadger1999 What ranking did FAMSCo assign to those five? (The Board will likely further narrow it down to 2-3 goals before htis is done). 19:21
liknus (also out of those 5 we think that some are more important than ithers) 19:21
liknus exactly abadger1999 I will come to that 19:21
liknus So starting, as a general notice, we feel that each goal needs specific deliverables and action items (and owners also) 19:22
liknus that way we can assess the success or any blockers along the way 19:22
spot ! 19:22
liknus => spot 19:23
jreznik #info FAmSCo feels that each goal needs specific deliverables and action items (and owners also) 19:23
spot liknus: that makes sense, but to be clear, we would be looking to groups like FAMSCo to identify those deliverables and action items for themselves, with the understanding that other groups may also have deliverables/action items for the same goal 19:23
spot as opposed to mandating it from the Board down. 19:23
spot eof 19:23
rdieter ! 19:23
jreznik => rdieter 19:24
liknus spot, glad to hear :) We were thinking of the same approach 19:24
rdieter in addition, at this point, consider these just strategic goals, without specific implementations. that comes later (by various groups within fedora as spot mentioned). 19:24
mizmo spot +1 19:24
rdieter eof 19:25
spot rdieter: +1 19:25
jreznik rdieter, spot: +1 19:25
jsmith rdieter: +1 19:25
liknus totally understood that's why part of our suggestions are simply refining and second stage approach on the goals 19:25
liknus Shall I move in detail discussion over each goal? 19:26
spot +1 19:26
mizmo liknus +1 19:26
jsmith +1 19:26
abadger1999 +1 19:26
jreznik liknus: go ahead! 19:26
liknus OK so Goal # 19:26
liknus Goal #1 19:26
jreznik #topic Goal #1 (FAmSCo) 19:26
liknus We can live with a smaller name (as in all Goals) sth like Improve and Simplify Collaboration 19:27
liknus We think that scheduling and events application is a key part in achieving this goal 19:27
liknus this is something that was long debated within fedora and we still have not reached a conclusion 19:28
liknus So as a suggestion we feel that by the end of 2011 we should have a good calendaring solution, either within Fedora Community Portal or through an modified wiki page 19:29
liknus (We are working on the second one as FAmSCo) 19:29
igorps ! 19:29
liknus igorps, 19:29
jreznik #topic Goal #1 - Improve and simplify collaboration in the Fedora Community (FAmSCo) 19:29
igorps We also think that meeting face to face is important 19:30
igorps for all SCos 19:30
liknus (and that is our second addition on Goal #1) 19:30
igorps and we could do that on FUDCons around the world 19:30
rockworldmi ! 19:30
igorps eof 19:30
jreznik => rockworldmi 19:30
rockworldmi Features/Team_meeting_schedule_applet 19:30
liknus Calendaring solution should be also focused on our events 19:31
liknus not only meetings 19:31
igorps +1 19:31
rockworldmi but i think there will be better option for gnome 3's availability..default calendar can be itegrated for meeting's schedules 19:31
rockworldmi linkus:ou are right 19:31
rockworldmi eof 19:31
liknus Anyway returning on what igorps brought up 19:32
liknus The basic idea behind this is : 19:32
liknus At each FUDCon we can have at least one SCo fully present on this FUDCon 19:32
jreznik #idea At each FUDCon we can have at least one SCo fully present on this FUDCon 19:33
liknus that way we #1 improve SCo collaboration and #2 improve the level of FUDCons 19:33
jreznik liknus: +1, I like it 19:33
liknus also by having them around the world will significally lower the budget as SCos are distributed around the globe 19:34
rockworldmi linkus:+1 19:34
liknus We can make sure this happens within 2011 also (there is still plenty of time) 19:34
igorps ! 19:34
liknus igorps, 19:34
igorps I suggests that one idea is to start with the upcoming FUDCon Panama 19:35
igorps in May 19:35
igorps we still can manage time for that 19:35
spot ! 19:35
igorps but this is just one first idea 19:35
igorps eof 19:35
jreznik => spot 19:35
spot This is useful, just keep in mind that we're not committing to anything yet. :) 19:36
spot eof 19:36
liknus none asked for commission :) we understand that this needs serious thought :) 19:36
igorps +1 19:36
liknus Shall I move to the next goal? 19:36
spot liknus: +1 19:36
jsmith liknus: +1 19:37
liknus Ok Goal #2 19:37
liknus I am sorry.. it is # 3 19:37
jreznik #topic GOAL #3: Improve and encourage high-quality communication in the Fedora Community (FAmSCo) 19:37
liknus So we need some more explanations on Summarizers (possibly off the meeting -- on the mailing list? ) 19:38
jsmith Sure. 19:38
mizmo ! 19:39
liknus => mizmo 19:39
mizmo just a suggestion, liknus! it might be helpful for us on the board to understand the impact of these goals on ambassadors better if you could give us maybe a summary 19:39
mizmo of in what ways achieving the goal would positively impact ambassadors 19:39
mizmo you've done this a little bit so far, especially with the calendaring point 19:39
liknus ok mizmo I will make sure I do :) 19:40
mizmo but just a suggestion to point it out clearly / up front 19:40
mizmo eof 19:40
liknus So moving on : 19:40
liknus Ambassadors have vast experience in meetings (regional, local etc ones) 19:40
liknus So I think that we can benefit from having nice classrooms on hosting a meeting (and what happens after that -- transparency etc) 19:41
liknus We are confident we can be owners of such an action item and also in parallel form the appropriate SOPs 19:41
liknus (we have already started to form Ambassadors SOPs) 19:42
liknus Also many times, by people with experience in other projects (Gnome, Mozilla) it has been suggested to try out more widely some voice meetings-calls 19:42
liknus And that bring us to our last addition, that we want to make more people aware of the VoIP capabilities our project has and make more use of them 19:43
liknus Especially on local meetings (country-wide) we could benefit a lot 19:43
liknus I think we are done on this Goal 19:44
liknus moving on? 19:44
spot liknus: +1 19:44
mizmo liknus+1 19:44
jreznik ! 19:44
liknus Goal #4 (should be named "Ease of joining" :) 19:44
liknus => jreznik 19:44
jreznik just a quick note -> voip is nice but there's much bigger language barrier (not for local ones) 19:45
jreznik eof 19:45
liknus thats why we think that it will be best suited country wise :) 19:45
liknus So on Goal # 4 19:46
liknus Ambassadors deal daily with Joining procedures 19:46
jreznik #topic GOAL #4: It is extraordinarily easy to join the Fedora community and quickly find a project to work on. (FAmSCo) 19:46
liknus One of our main purpose is to facilitate people joining the project (in each subproject) 19:46
liknus We think that we can lead this Goal and make sure by the end of 2011 we deliver a barrier-free Joining procedure for each project of fedora 19:47
kital ! 19:47
liknus We have already tested some approaches on Ambassadors and we think they are good enough to be applied in other projects too 19:48
liknus => kital 19:48
kital i do not want to dive into details - but i prefer to focus more on mentoring instead on barrier-free 19:49
kital just as a side note - i am happy to help with this goal! 19:49
kital eof 19:49
liknus kital, of course .. I was simply referring on gathering info.. not on letting "anyone join" 19:49
kital yep 19:50
igorps ! 19:50
liknus Also in this spirit we acknowledge that each subproject has its own unique way of working and we understand our organic structure 19:50
liknus Still we are confident on finding common steps that can be outlined on the same way 19:50
liknus thus, joining another project can be a familiar procedure for each fedora contributor 19:51
liknus "Cross joining" or joining multiple projects within Fedora has been always a weird issue, especially in terms of how info is spread within a subproject 19:52
liknus => igorps 19:52
igorps One point of view is that Ambassadors should be able to identify contributors's profile and guide them to the subproject that best fits their profiles 19:52
igorps This an Ambassador role that we need to emphasize a bit more. 19:52
igorps For instance Ambassadors can guide new contributors to get in touch with subproject mentors 19:53
igorps eof 19:53
liknus thanks igorps :) 19:53
kital +1 igorps 19:53
liknus Summarizing on this one : "Make Ambassadors profiling and help work easier" :) 19:54
liknus And I think we are done on this Goal also 19:54
liknus Moving on? 19:54
igorps +1 19:54
spot +1 19:55
jreznik #topic GOAL #11: Expand global presence of Fedora among users & contributors (FAmSCo) 19:55
liknus Goal #11 Expand Global Presence 19:55
liknus ok So generally speaking we can see that Fedora Project global-wise (geographically) has two main issues 19:55
liknus minimal Africa presence and no APAC wide Events and collaboration of community 19:56
liknus (I know that those are generallizations and not totally true and we might also have other issues etc but bare with me) 19:56
liknus We envision a process of event planning like this : 19:57
liknus Regional FADs (focused on a subject or not) leading up (preparing) FUDCons 19:57
liknus For us in order to achive our goal having 4 FUDCons on our respective regions annually is of outmost importance 19:58
liknus FADs can lead the way towards it 19:59
liknus so in specific: 19:59
liknus FAD Ghana is on the way and a couple more FADs in Africa can lead on a FUDCON there 19:59
liknus also FUDCON APAC is a must for 2011 and we hope that Board can help on that direction also 19:59
liknus (India seems like the place to go by most people I know.. but this can be discussed off-meeting) 20:00
liknus Also moving on : regional meetings 20:00
mizmo ? 20:01
liknus => mizmo 20:01
mizmo is FAmSCo already pursuing this issue and if so what additional aid/support would you expect from the rest of the project to the ambassadors to help make it happen 20:01
mizmo eof 20:01
liknus mizmo, you are referring on FUDCON? 20:02
mizmo liknus, no, i'm referring to the goal, expand the global presence of fedora 20:03
kital ! 20:03
liknus Our main concern is the budget approvals and clearance of Community Architecture team 20:03
mizmo liknus, is famsco already pursuing that goal, and if so, what additional support would you expect / need / require to make it a reality if goal #11 was made one of the fedora goals for 2011 20:03
mizmo eof 20:03
jreznik => kital 20:04
liknus We do, and we are expecting more support on speedy budget decisions 20:04
kital i also saw that famsco has the goal for a closer team up with marketing-team will you focus marketing activities together with larger event activities 20:04
liknus (many decisions can take up to 3 months to get a response budget-wise) 20:04
kital does famsco also consider how much value we get back from our investments in new areas? 20:05
liknus FUDCon is currently our biggest approach on events and we might end up on something bigger or different with Marketing team 20:06
kital s/values/contributors/ 20:06
liknus (discussions are yet to come) 20:06
kital just to make sure that they are related to that goal 20:06
kital eof 20:06
liknus Our investments on new areas had been minimal and we can already see major imporvements 20:07
liknus I can state 3 examples : 20:07
liknus Australia, Greece and Tunisia 20:07
kital you forgott china 20:07
kital ;) 20:07
igorps I would say Chile as well 20:08
liknus China is still to be proven but certainly on the right track 20:08
liknus Chile also 20:08
liknus So in order to move on with examples like that we need budget and speedy responses on that 20:08
liknus Also another point on expansion is the primary usage of 20:09
liknus We want it to be finalized and board to pursue the transition of local presences on this domain 20:09
liknus (with options of course) 20:09
liknus Also have a clear policy on Community Hosting 20:10
liknus Finally we will pursue on our side the participation on local LUGs and Groups 20:10
liknus Any questions on those points? 20:11
liknus (is board taking notes? are you going to discuss on them later?) 20:11
mizmo ! 20:11
jsmith liknus: Yes, we're taking notes :-) 20:11
kital liknus: vizualization always helps 20:11
kital 20:11
kital 20:11
liknus thanks kital :) 20:12
liknus => mizmo 20:12
kital this can help to measure success or failure 20:12
kital eof 20:12
mizmo i think we'll discuss them afterwards too 20:12
mizmo eof 20:12
* kital has to go sorry ;S 20:13
liknus ok moving on? 20:13
* liknus waves to kital 20:13
spot liknus: +1 20:13
liknus Goal #12 then 20:13
jreznik #topic GOAL #12: Improve education & skill sharing in community (FAmSCo) 20:14
liknus we have nothing in particular to add to this goal as FAmSCo, 20:14
liknus we do believe though that we can have major beneficial impact by pursuing this goal 20:15
liknus especially in terms of recruiting, as it can act as luring point for newcomers 20:16
jreznik #info FAmSCo has nothing to add to the goal #12 20:16
liknus An active "Classrooms" initiative will help a lot when we make a point about "skills sharing" in public 20:17
rockworldmi liknus:+1 20:17
liknus That being said we as famsco pursue the creation of many Ambassador SOPs, transitioning wiki knowledge to specific SOPs 20:18
jsmith liknus: +1 20:18
spot ! 20:18
liknus and that was eof for this goal and for FAmSCo input in general 20:18
liknus thanks all for listening :) 20:19
spot ? 20:19
liknus => spot 20:19
spot my question (ignore my !) is: Is it possible for FAMSCo to rank these goals by preference? 20:19
liknus A rough approach would be : 20:20
liknus #11 #4 #1 #3 (tie) #12 20:20
liknus in order of preference 20:20
liknus eof 20:21
jreznik #info FAmSCo preferences are #11 #4 #1 #3 (tie) #12 (in order of preference) 20:21
smooge ? 20:21
jreznik => smooge 20:22
smooge Just to be clear, are these ones that FAMSCo are going to implement themselves in their area, looking to help project wise, or looking for furhter input. 20:23
smooge eof 20:23
spot ! 20:23
liknus ! 20:23
jsmith => spot 20:24
jsmith => liknus 20:24
spot smooge: thats a very confusing question. We asked FAMSCo to give us feedback on which goals they are most interested in and think they could be involved with. Its a bit early to do that. 20:25
jsmith (and then we'll come back to spot) 20:25
spot eof 20:25
smooge ! 20:25
smooge or ? 20:25
jreznik => liknus 20:25
liknus Agreed with spot .. we are willing to head some action items , but we can discuss that when actions are finallized 20:25
liknus just consider us open and available for some major help :) 20:26
liknus eof 20:26
jreznik => smooge 20:26
smooge my apologies.. I lost track somewhere in the discussion as we got feedback and then project ideas. 20:26
spot ! 20:26
smooge I was trying to get an idea of what we were to discuss afterworsds. 20:26
smooge eof 20:26
jreznik => spot 20:27
spot to liknus and FAMSCo, thanks for your work here. I hope you are as excited about this new approach as we are. 20:27
spot eof 20:27
jreznik spot: +1, thanks FAmSCo for sharing their ideas! 20:28
liknus We are :) thanks for letting us express that :) We will be with you on all the process 20:28
mizmo ! 20:28
jreznik => mizmo 20:29
mizmo im wondering about the board's next steps now 20:29
mizmo would it be worth a quick discussion? 20:29
spot ! 20:30
* liknus will be here the whole meeting so feel free to ask me anything else or just move on 20:30
mizmo i think we should note FAmSCo's support of the goals, enumerate their specific ideas under each goal, and then document that so when we review the info we've been gathering to whittle down the goals it'll be readily available 20:30
mizmo eof 20:30
spot mizmo: +1 20:30
jsmith mizmo: +1 20:30
jreznik mizmo: +1 for documenting FAmSCo goals 20:30
jreznik work for me today 20:30
jreznik => spot 20:30
spot jreznik: mizmo basically said what i was going to, except that the next step is to hear what FESCo thinks, and to remind FESCo that we want their feedback from the list of 15, rather than the "5" 20:31
spot eof 20:31
jsmith spot: +1 20:31
jreznik ! 20:32
jreznik I agree with feedback for all goals + more goals 20:33
jreznik but we want to know what they prefere (and order of preference) 20:33
jreznik eof 20:33
spot jreznik: +1 20:35
spot ! 20:35
jreznik => spot 20:35
spot jreznik: my point was more that I wanted FESCo to pick their own top five, without assuming that the board's "five" are their set. :) 20:35
spot not that i'm implying that FAMSCo did that, just wanted to avoid any issue of bias/taint. 20:36
spot eof 20:36
liknus (we did partially, but *really* those are the goals we also think should be top-5) 20:36
liknus (possibly top 4 removing the last one) 20:36
* liknus is sorry for not keeping the meeting protocol 20:37
* liknus goes into lurk mode 20:37
jsmith liknus: You're OK :-) 20:37
mizmo ! 20:38
jreznik => mizmo 20:38
mizmo hi i just wanted to suggest we end the meeting now, we're at 1 hour 40 min at this point. i think we've covered pretty much everything, so great job 20:39
spot mizmo: +1 20:39
jsmith +1 20:40
jreznik mizmo: +1 20:40
jsmith Thanks again everyone for your comments and your participation! 20:40
gholms Thanks, folks! 20:40
abadger1999 Thanks to famsco 20:40
abadger1999 and liknus for representing htem :-) 20:40
jreznik ok, thanks all! 20:40
jreznik #endmeeting 20:41

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