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Fedora Board Meeting - 2011-02-29

Roll Call


Toshio Kuratomi
David Nalley
Jaroslav Reznik (secretary)
Stephen Smoogen
Tom "spot" Callaway
Jared Smith
Jon Stanley



Máirín Duffy (leave of absense)
Joerg Simon
Rex Dieter (late, appointment)


  • Schedule updates
  • Ways you can help

Slip the schedule a week before Beta

  • Decision to slip the schedule a week before the Beta due to NetworkManager 0.9 update
  • FESCo granted an exception, rel-eng and QA asked for time to properly test intrusive changes
  • Beta 19 April, GA 24 May (assuming no more splits), TC1 today or tmrw

Ways you can help!

  • How contributors can help in getting ready for the Fedora 15 release
    • The docs team is always looking for help in getting the various beats of the Release Notes completed
    • The Marketing team is looking for people to help write feature profiles and help put together marketing materials for Fedora 15

F16 naming

  • Several things combined to mess up F16 naming schedule
    • The Board and FPL were slow in vetting the names
    • RH legal has taken longer to review the names
  • ACTION: jsmith to follow up with RH legal regarding the review of F16 name suggestions
  • ke4qqq to act as election wrangler this cycle (if no one else steps up)


  • FPL waiting to hear back from FAMSCo regarding FUDCon EMEA
    • Date discussed April 2nd
    • FAmSCo ticket #152

SXSW spin issues

  • abadger1999 asked how the Board is addressing the issues raised by the SXSW spin
  • spot informs:
    • the spin was generated by rel-eng
    • the art was generated by Fedora Design
    • the funding came from Community Arch (should be FAMSCo)
  • ke4qqq will update the thread with the message that the board is discussing and will plan to give another status update after next weeks call


  • gholms: Thanks for doing all the board-y stuff for us all. :)
  • Tac asked for ability to set up install with /home on it's own partition to make upgrading "easier"
    • Board answered that this issue should be addressed by FESCo as a technical body
  • jjmcd_ wanted to thank jsmith for mentioning the beats. We get much higher quality prose when those the most familiar with the feature explan them
    • jds2001 asked if it is not a requirement that feature owners write up release notes for their features
    • jjmcd_ aswered yes, that is the expectation, but those relnotes are often omitted or not much more than a placeholder and we have lots changes that aren't features
    • rbergeron said she spot for release notes in the feature pages is often filled with one line of very, very basic information
    • jreznik said that sometimes it's not easy to write release notes before you have anything in hands and then...
    • rbergeron noted that this will likely be part of looking at doing feature process overhaul
  • Venemo asked what degree of Fedora branding or other changes (compared to upstream) will we see in F15's gnome-shell?
    • spot answered a custom background and some Fedora icons
    • jreznik said it is not a question for board but for gnome/design team
    • discussion continued on the topic how to make the transition easier for users
    • rbergeron wondered if having a small flyer/handout available at conference for folks along the lines of "getting started with Fedora/GNOME3" might be a good idea
  • hircus_work asked if is there a reason #fedora-desktop is in GimpNet and not Freenode?
    • jsmith answered because upstream gnome discussion happens there