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Roll Call


Jared Smith
Tom "spot" Callaway
Jon Stanley
David Nalley
Jaroslav Reznik
Stephen Smoogen
Toshio Kuratomi (secretary)
Rex Dieter
Máirín Duffy (leave of absence)



Joerg Simon (vacation)


  • Schedule updates
  • Elections
  • Trademark approval on Board Ticket #77
  • Community Working Group future (CWG)
  • Brainstorming tactical goals for F16/F17

Fedora 15 Schedule

  • Looking good.
  • Go/No go meeting is this afternoon


  • Nominations have closed
  • There have been enough candidates to proceed with all the elections
  • Town hall scheduling invites should go out today
  • Waiting on jsmith for the first Board appointment

Board Ticket #77

  • Trademark approval for a website with fedora in the name.
  • jsmith will make sure they have the Trademark License Agreement

Community Working Group

  • If interested, see logs for full discussion. There was discussion about what role the Board members would like to see the CWG do and how the Board would like to see the CWG composed in the future but the Board felt they needed input from the CWG as to what the CWG wanted to do next rather than pushing something onto them that they didn't want.
  • jsmith to ask CWG what they see as their role for the future.

Brainstorming tactical goals for F16/F17

  • Due to lack of time, this will be talked about on the FAB list rather than in the Board meeting


  • abadger1999: FPCA replacing CLA is ready to be announced.
  • rbergeron (via abadger1999): Will we have quorum for next week's meeting?
    • Meeting for next week cancelled due to probable lack of quorum and F15 release
    • Meeting schedules will be pushed out a week (so May 31st will be a phone meeting and June 7th will be the next IRC meeting)
  • Farewell to outgoing Board members who are not rerunning for election:
    • Tom "spot" Callaway
    • Máirín Duffy
    • Stephen Smoogen