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Roll Call


Guillermo Gómez
Jon Stanley
Jaroslav Reznik
Toshio Kuratomi
Rex Dieter (secretary)


Peter Robinson
Rudi Swanepoel


Joerg Simon
Jared Smith


  • Status updates
  • Time change
  • Elections
  • Open Q&A

Status updates

  • fedora 16 verne was released today, let's party! thank you all contributors, you made it possible!

Time change

  • AGREED: due to dst change in eu and usa, we propose to temporary move the meeting time to 15:30 utc with final decision when jsmith will be available. wait for new board to look for a new permanent schedule


  • nomination period is over
  • now we are in: Organize town hall schedule and Candidates answer questions, send responses to Wrangler period
  • 4 ppl running for board (two seats), 6 ppl for fesco (4 seats), 11 ppl for famsco (7 seats)


  • some community members raised a question how far the Board is open and transparent and how the Board should report to community
  • Toshio opened ticket #120, Unclear and never performed clause in Board election policy
    • "The Board should publish, at the time nominations open, a statement of those issues on which it has worked since the last elections, and some of the issues still at hand, subject to the normal restrictions of privacy, privilege, or other sensitivities. Typically there are a number of issues that have no such restrictions. "