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Fedora Board Meeting - 2011-11-15

  • Secretary: Peter Robinson
  • Meeting Type: Phone


Jared Smith
Jon Stanley
Toshio Kuratomi
Peter Robinson
Rex Dieter
Guillermo Gómez

Not Present:
Rudi Landmann
Joerg Simon

David Nalley (travel)
Jaroslav Reznik (travel)


Fedora 16 release

  • Good press coverage

FUDCon India a great success

  • Over 500 people showed up
  • Great job of reaching out to the local community
    • University cancelled classes on Friday so students could attend
    • ~200 students who had very little exposure to Fedora/Linux/Open Source before
  • Very well organised
    • About 20 student volunteers to help out with University Logistics
    • Good mix of User and Developer talks

How to get more user tracks at FUDCon NA?

  • Southern_Gentleman has been working to get a mix of tracks (inviting speakers for end users, etc)

End user support -- informal talk w/ a few OLPC Peru developers about whether there could be a release with a longer support/update cycle

  • OLPC 11.x release based on Fedora 14 being used for upcoming deployments
  • We are okay with the idea but there needs to be people who step up to run it
    • Inside of Fedora, the idea has come up before but people didn't organize to the point of work on it
    • Core OLPC release team is only ~4 people so there's not manpower there to do this on their own
    • Regional OLPC teams (like Peru) have more people who could do it
      • They would need to come forward and commit to what resources they have, what they want to achieve, and be able to build a community to work on it

Board Business

Work on Board tickets

jstanley: +1
jsmith: +1
pbrobinson: +1
toshio: +1
rdieter: +1
gomix: +1


  • 121: Move IRC meetings to #fedora-meeting
    • Meetings tend to run over
      • problem with blocking a 2 hour block is it ends up being a 2 hour meeting
      • Another alternative is to just keep the meeting on topic to not go over
    • Feeling at last meeting that #fedora-meeting-{1,2,3} not as good as #fedora-meeting but still better than #fedora-board-meeting (all by itself)
    • Board going to try to move to #fedora-meeting* after the Board elections and we discuss a new meeting time
  • 120: Unclear and never performed clause in Board election policy
    • jstanley had a go and decided nothing would meet the requirements
    • Approved just to remove altogether
  • 113: Chinese community domains
    • domains zh.fc.o cn.fc.o and zht.fc.o
    • APPROVED, details documented in the ticket
  • 112: Sri Lankan Fedora community
    • Awaiting feedback from community
    • Closing ticket, the community can reopen when they have a proposed site
  • 117: Fedora on
    • Is it a board or FESCo issue? Board currently as initially at least its branding etc
    • toshio will approach about their expectation for what we use it for
  • 105: Change Secretarial duties for Public IRC meetings
    • Already agreed upon a couple of months ago
  • 98: Board decisions may take a long time to make
    • Decisions can block on external entities such as community or legal
    • Need more explicit examples of when the board was slow in resolving issues so process can be analysed
    • Board strives to close issues as quickly as possible
    • Board will ensure tickets are updated within a reasonable time
      • Board will say where the ticket is being blocked (for instance, "legal is still looking at this")
    • Public shaming allowed: Ask ticket owners to reach us at irc public meetings, fab-list

New meeting time!

  • stick with 15:30 UTC for the next meeting until new board members join us

Any other business

  • None

Other Notes

  • Next Board meeting will be a public IRC meeting on Tuesday, November 22nd (15:30 UTC)