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Fedora Board Meeting - 2012-01-18

  • Meeting secretary: Rudi Landmann

Roll Call


Jared Smith Rex Dieter Peter Robinson David Nalley Jon Stanley Rudi Landmann

Not Present

Jaroslav Reznik


Toshio Kuratomi Christoph Wickert Guillermo Gómez


  • Fedora 17 feature submission deadline coming soon

Board Business

  • Follow-up on Goals discussion at FUDCon
    • Championing projects -- each board member to champion a cause to be fixed: not fixing it themselves but providing a role model for how to get things fixed by working with others
    • Due date of February 1st
  • Follow-up on Internet Freedom/SOPA/PIPA discussion at FUDCon
  • Any other business?

Other Notes

  • Next Board meeting will be a public IRC meeting on Wednesday, January 25th at 18:30 UTC