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Fedora Board Meeting, 2012 02 15

  • Secretary: Robyn Bergeron
  • Meeting Type: Phone



  • Jon Stanley
  • Toshio Kuratomi
  • Robyn Bergeron
  • David Nalley
  • Christoph Wickert
  • Rudi Landmann
  • Peter Robinson

Not Present:

  • Rex Dieter
  • Guillermo Gomez
  • Jaroslav Reznik


  • Discuss new trademark draft
  • Open floor


Trademark Guidelines Review


Non-software Merchandise

  • New designs vs. previously approved designs (non-software) and Rubber-stamping:
    • Board efficiency at approving requests in a timely manner
    • Pass to Fedora Legal to rubber-stamp?
    • Proposed: Pass to Spot/Fedora Legal to Rubber Stamp?
      • In certain circumstances, does the Board want to be able to give additional approval? ie: Other than mugs, shirts, etc.
    • What is key is that items need to be in Legal Trac showing approval/process/dates/etc.
    • New trac instance of Board/Legal requests? Spot to talk to Infra to see about enabling that with appropriate permissions.
  • AGREED: Approvals can be granted by Fedora Legal or Board (Board should document that they delegate to Fedora Legal. not to be part of the trademark guidelines)


    • Lead time for approval before the approval is needed
    • Trademark approval is not in any way connected to purchasing or budget.
    • Trademark approval is good for the combination of (a) item (b) quantity (c) with this design
    • Why do we need to track quantity? So we know how many were used in a certain area, to establish usage of trademark.
  • Add usage of trademark and/or wordmark (need better wording)
  • "Required and customary" for an intended environment wording:
    • Jon: Perennial concerns - virtual images or appliances with unmodified software.
    • David: Can I ship Fedora without running a Fedora kernel?
      • Feedback we were operating on was that what we had before was not acceptable for virtual images. Not as simple as taking the stuff in the ISO image, installing it and calling it a Fedora image. Amazon and Rackspace both needed it, but not giving a lot of feedback. Changes were only minimal, only what was necessary to get it going for the appliance.
    • Do we want to explicitly say, no non-Fedora kernels?
    • Will we enforce? Not seeing a lot of evidence thus far. Nobody has brought forth any specific examples of Vendors screwing up.
    • We can always add things in if they become problems wrt "customary for the intended environment".
  • Red Hat usage was previously explicitly written previously; is no longer included.

Overall: A vast improvement over what we currently have. Approve and modify as needed?

Action: Spot to make appropriate changes as requested and bring back for approval.

Open floor

  • Current schedule is working as is as far as meeting times.
  • Set up a rotating schedule of people to report in on their personal board goal progress:
    • Toshio to arrange things.
  • Update the Board secretary schedule:
    • Toshio will update into May.
    • Consider future Fedora Program Manager as person to be designated Board Secretary. (May not have to be Pogram Manager; could just be someone who is capable and willing)

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be IRC on 2012-Feb-22 at 18:30UTC.