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Fedora Board Meeting, 2012 06 06



  • Robyn Bergeron
  • Toshio Kuratomi
  • Christoph Wickert
  • Garrett Holmstrom
  • Peter Robinson
  • David Nalley
  • Rex Dieter
  • Jaroslav Reznik (late and Gobby only)
  • Guillermo Gómez (late)


  • Jon Stanley (likely absent)

Today's lucky secretary: Jaroslav (we can swap this around if the phone situation sucks today for jreznik) - still bad :( I'll swap for IRC one)


  • Announcements
    • Elections ongoing. Let people know they should vote.
  • Tickets:
  • Follow-up on branded goodies ticket #137
    • Different bag since the vendor was out of stock of the original one.
    • Board approved
  • Follow-up: Release naming process
  • Follow-up: Spins ticket #95
  • Open Floor / Your suggestion here
    • Is any part of the UEFI debate a Board decision?
    • If the tradeoff is freedom vs market share, sounds like it is a Board issue.
    • But there is a significant technical component as well and we don't want to meddle at a level that is within FESCo's purview.

Next meeting

  • Next meeting: IRC, 2012-06-13