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    • #138: Secure boot
    • #136: Request for clarification on localization of Spins (action item report: cwickert)


New members

Open Q&A

  • Sean_McG asks about difficulty hooking sssd to my LDAP infrastructure after following System Administrators Guide for F17 -> out of the meeting scope, sent to the right channels :)

Open tickets

Request for clarification on localization of Spins (#136)

  • cwickert has been working on wiki page and the guidelines, waiting for Spins SIG to officially confirm it
  • ACTION: cwickert to send out a mail to start the discussion with the spins people
  • regarding the dorrie app - no updates yes, cwickert to poke folks
  • ACTION: cwickert to update #136

Secure boot (#138)

  • mmaslano asks, if there's consensus on Board that Secure Boot is or is not the future for Fedora
  • ACTION: Board members should add their questions to the ticket, mjg59 and pjones can answer there
  • AGREED: interested parties to continue with technical discussion on list (f-d), Board member to summarize the discussion in the ticket