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Roll call

Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Jack Aboutboul

Last week


  • Creative Commons payment schedule.
  • gather survey results from FUDCon for RH management.
  • Rahul Sundaram is putting together the workflow for localized spins via Board request.
  • chat with art team about new artwork for shirts, etc.
  • begin figuring out lwn subscription for Fedora community.
  • guidelines for new codebases entering Fedora.
  • figure out schedule for Paul in RDU next week.


  • meeting with NC School of Science and Math re: project sponsorship -- possibility for Fedora intern.
  • connect Jack with the work that Will Cohen is doing.
  • continue work on Fedora TV, esp. infrastructure. Troubled, but moving along. Needs to be opened to community ASAP.
  • chat with RH folks about turnkey global swag, eventually reporting back to Store SIG.


  • get expense reports filed and reimburse interns for FUDCon.
  • Feb/Mar University tour calendar -- coming together.
  • what are our press goals? National and local.
  • can we get people to donate swag? More people to contact.
  • how do we follow up on interest/leads that we generate? Special mailing lists and personal/phone contact as necessary.

FISL (Greg)

  • Greg will be there. He has been in touch with Rodrigo Padula and David Barzilay and Greg will bring them money.
  • Is there an engineer at Red Hat they would like to see there?
  • Have localized spins (Brazilian Portugese) been created? If not, we'll create them.

University presentation (Jack)

  • Greg suggests that it is a straight-up "change the world" recruiting pitch.
  • Jack will have a slide deck/general mock-up of presentation for next week. Include "Truth Happens".
  • Press proposal to Leigh's group this week.
  • Talk to someone in HR about Red Hat swag to bring along.
  • Talk to Mike Esser about bringing a video guy along somewhere.

Florida Linux Show (Jack)

  • Jack needs to find out from Kyle what the Fedora area will actually be and look like.
  • event report on Fedora planet. (Greg)

  • Greg met with Jennifer Venable (Online Services business/operations person). No business decision owner to force the remaining issues through legal.
  • Option 1: continue to try to push through the negotiated deal. Unlikely without taking on ownership, which carries with it a lot of headaches.
  • Option 2: click-through agreement that anyone can sign. Could be used to prove the larger case. is an exception from this standard agreement.
  • Can we even own this? If we cannot, is it worth the pain to us to get it done?
  • Jennifer is looking at the options, and will give us more information. Seems like it is a Fedora-only proposal at this point.
  • Once we have more information and can make a clear recommendation to the Board, we will.

Global event calendar (Max)

  • Need to promote this on one of the top Fedora pages. Add "meet" to fp.o.

LinuxTag (Max)

  • Continue to support GeroldKassube, solidify the budget requirements.

This week


  • continue FUDCon @ Boston Summit planning.
  • finish LWN subscription stuff.
  • finish (again) the Creative Commons stuff.
  • look into the Windows Live USB work .
  • promote events calendar on
  • continue LinuxTag logistics.
  • follow up on tshirt creation (internationalized).
  • find out how much money we have left to spend before end of February.
  • have localized spins (Brazilian Portugese) been created?


  • talk to HC about intern hiring age restrictions.
  • Fedora TV on a test server in infrastructure.
  • Is there an engineer at Red Hat who should be at FISL?


  • finalize tour schedule and post calendar on the wiki.
  • mock-up of presentation, including Truth Happens.
  • get a quote on a new Fedora banner.
  • get in touch with Kyle and finalize logistics of Florida Linux Show
  • what will talk be like?
  • swag/prizes?
  • get in touch with PR folks about what we want from them regarding press.
  • email HR (perhaps Kelia Pless) about Red Hat swag to bring along.
  • Talk to Mike Esser about trying to bring a video guy to an event.

Next meeting

  • where do we throw resources, as they come available? Consolidate the various lists.
  • Fedora TV, Mugshot, wiki gardening
  • how will we allocate/determine what our interns do?
  • how do we want to spend our remaining money for February?
  • event kit
  • can be automated by Red Hat.
  • swag
  • we'll have to deal with it ourselves.