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Roll call

Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Jack Aboutboul

Last week


  • Fedora Infrastructure budget stuff.
  • various stuff related to relocation.
  • chat with Dawn Gibbons about intern stuff.
  • fedora emea, famsco, ambassadors advising and assistance.
  • FUDCon @ RH Summit planning.
  • begin cleanup of Fedora Events page.

General (Max)

  • new quarter, new year, plan for expense tracking.

University Tour (Jack)

  • University Tour schedule and map is up.
  • present rough draft of student presentation.
  • talk about faculty and staff presentation/questions.
  • update us on swag/sponsorship.
  • We have two potential sponsors, need to get an agreement finalized ASAP.

NA and SA Ambassadors meeting

  • Today at 3:00 PM Eastern. Greg and Max will be there.

This week


  • out of town visiting family Thu - Sun.
  • figure out how to get contracts for Q2.
  • get a draft of funding fedora events process written.
  • liberation fonts.
  • talk to Jeff Mackanic about budget tracking.
  • google/mozilla meeting on Tuesday.


  • google/mozilla meeting on Tuesday.
  • sort out travel for FISL.
  • how to measure success in incubating projects?
  • fedora marketing plan action items.


  • really nail down everything related to University Tour.
  • website/blog, reports, press, presentation, swag, etc.