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Roll call

Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Harish Pillay

Last week


  • Fedora scholarship.
  • Keep working with HR on internships.
  • Figure out how to pre-pay the LinuxTag hotel bill.
  • Spin SIG meeting.
  • Work with Paul Frields on "what the FPL does during release month".
  • Test Windows Live USB creator.
  • Wiki migration meeting.
  • Send swag to various folks worldwide.


  • continued TAM discussion with Iain Gray and Brent Fox.


  • University tour continues.


  • Jim and other RH VIPs were in Singapore.

Budget (Max)

  • Max sent out some budget planning emails last week. Trying to finalize Q1 budget by May 15th.

Harish's update

  • Jim was in Singapore last week.
  • Open Source Collaborative Initiative for Asia was announced.
  • Home of Open Source @ Institute of Technical Education.
  • potentially bring in a Blender developer.
  • Software Freedom Day on September 20th.


  • Trying to get customers more engaged in OSS and community development.
  • Trying to use TAMs for this, because they tend to talk to the most technical people in the organizations of our largest customers.
  • Database that allows TAMs to take all their knowledge, and put it into a format usable by the entire company.

Fedora 9 release

  • Paul Frields will be in Raleigh next week, working with MaxSpevack on the Fedora 9 GTM stuff.

University tour

  • final week of tour -- west coast swing.

This week


  • Update events page for Q2 and remind Ambassadors of deadline.
  • FUDCon Europe on Software Freedom Day weekend?


  • Charleston
  • FISL


  • University Tour

Next meeting

  • CLA and improved Join process.