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Roll call

Max, Harish, Karsten, Jack, Greg, Paul

FUDCon Brno

  • Max sent email to Marek, Matej, and Radek to re-open the conversation.
  • Need to see what kind of sessions, and engineering expertise we have locally.

NA & SA Ambassadors meeting

  • Today, 20:00 UTC
  • Greg is going to make sure folks understand that SA has split off into a separate meeting.
  • Do we have a recurring NA Ambassadors meeting?


  • Folks will be filing expense reports this week.


  • Jack on the hook for follow-up next week


This week

  • Max -- FUDCon Brno, Websites, Stickers to Tim for his robots.
  • Greg -- OLPC
  • Jack -- CMU, .edu deck, OSCON, Shuttle
  • Karsten -- DevFu stuff
  • Paul -- will chat with Jeffrey Tadlock about NA Store.