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Roll call

Max, Greg, Harish, Karsten, Paul, Jack


ISV summary:

  • Hyperic -- Jeremy Hogan is the community manager. He has paid somebody to build RPMs for hyperic. Potential future communication here in the Java Packaging front.
  • JasperSoft -- Karsten and Jennifer Venable, they know what their next steps are
  • Concrete Five -- CMS that we'll help get into Fedora
  • Ingres -- community version potentially forthcoming, lots of legacy stuff that makes it hard for them to become LSB compliance.
  • Plain Black
  • Sugar CRM -- couldn't find anyone technical at this show to talk to.
  • Zimbra -- met John Robb, their VP of Marketing; Karsten to meet Engineering folks in Sunnyval
  • OpenJDK -- met Dalibor Topic, former Kaffe hacker now leading the OpenJDK team
  • Digium -- Mark Spencer and Todd (Community Manager)
    • They want to do a case study about our use of Asterisk.
  • A few projects we talked to but didn't discuss in this CommArch meeting
    • Mifos, micro finance server/system
    • Apress, talked with them about using Fedora content as upstream with them embedding writers and editors in the project
    • DemocracyLab
    • Drupal -- they said howdy, we discussed CMS and anti-PHP sentiment; Karsten received a follow-up email from them to talk further about Drupal and Fedora Infrastructure
    • Mozilla -- Blizzard said howdy
    • OW2 -- someone stopped by and talked with someone, nothing captured?

Greg mentions the troubles of a "get everything into Fedora/EPEL" policy as the one-size-fits-all ISV strategy.

ACTION: Max puts Jack in touch with News Council.

EDU summary:

  • Open Source Education panel -- Jack made various introductions.
    • Open High School in Utah
    • Danese Cooper -- works for Intel, on OSI board.
    • Karl Fogel

ACTION: Updated .edu deck by end of week from Jack.

Greg suggests making FSOSS in Toronto our big kick-off for all of this. October 23-24. Seneca, .edu strategy, CMU.

Oregon State University -- Jeff Sheltren (OSUOSL)


  • LinuxWorld as the assembly point for the kit.


  • Global re-org in the works.


  • Meeting w/ French Ambassadors team this Saturday, Aug. 2.
  • FUDCon planning is going well. We need to sort out US travel.


  • Requests for CD/DVDs for SFD 2008 (Sept 20 2008)
  • Going to try for budget from RH APAC Marketing first.


  • Goal is to have quarterly expenses finished -- that means everything is in the system, and Max has all the report numbers and dollar amounts -- by August 15th.
  • Everything else in Q2 gates on OSCON. We can't make any decisions until we know Jack and Greg's OSCON expenses in full.
    • OLPC Sprint?
    • Greg's Boston trips?


  • Max PTO. Out starting Tue. Aug. 5. Returns Wed. Aug. 13.