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Roll call

Max, Greg, Harish, Karsten, Paul


  • Confusion on FAMSCo list about why #fedora-ambassadors was started, when #fedora-mktg previously served as a home for both.
  • Max posits that that Fedora Ambassadors is one of the tactical arms of the larger Fedora Marketing strategic group.

Q2 Budget

I am going on vacation. When I get back, I would like to see every single person who handles CommArch money have their expense reports DONE and FILED for Q2, and I would like to have a list of expense report numbers and dollar amounts that I can plug into our budget.

It is a FACT at this point that we will be over budget. I really don't want to get back from my vacation and have to nag everyone about expense reports with the end of the quarter on the horizon. Help me.

Q3 Budget

Insanely tight. No buffer for overrun, like Q2.


  • Max PTO. Out starting Tue. Aug. 5. Returns Wed. Aug. 13.
  • No CommArch meeting next week.