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Roll call

Max, Karsten, Jack


Open meeting, just general discussion about the coming week, FUDCon, organizational stuff, etc.

  • Future of new reqs?
  • As we prepare for October meetings, be sure to do it in a collaborative manner, and keep everyone involved.
  • Jack got the ok from Syracuse on an open-source class in the Spring
  • Jack & Greg need to finalize CMU -- Max/Greg will call Jack on Wednesday
  • Karsten's doing some long-needed (in his words) organization and house-cleaning in Docs land, partially in preparation to fully maximize Chris Tyler's work.
  • Karsten also continues to work on JPackage and Fedora issues.
  • Try to do a better job with virtual interaction at FUDCon
    • IRC channel
    • Hackfests listed
    • Notes from sessions