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Roll call

Max, Greg, Karsten, Tiemann, Jack, Harish


Session on Thursday setting up the education foundation. Greg and Paul are speaking. Mark Howson's team will be there. Trying to get CMU sorted out. Max needs to run the proposal by mrc. Fedora press stuff later today, Jack will be in that meeting. Tiemann mentions opportunity to connect with potential JBoss community contributors, Greg takes the action item. Jack will get an update from Chris about Seneca, and report back to our team next week.


Jim was in Singapore, which led to a well-attended event in Singapore of CIO-types. Reaching out to education in Singapore -- the most important thing is funding time for professors to target their classes towards Open Source.

Need for documentation of our entire education strategy, larger than just Red Hat. 'Karsten takes the action item.

NA Ambassadors

All is well (we think). Everyone needs to catch up on the result of FAD NA

Q3 Expenses

Max begs everyone to get their expenses in, and he needs to start hounding all the Ambassadors.

EKG & Downstream Communities

How FOSS is the greatest strategic advantage to Red Hat. Other downstream communities are one of the tools in our larger FOSS toolkit. Ecosystem vs. product strategy.


Our job is to define the rules of community engagement that Red Hat plays by. Lots of good stuff from Tiemann, but related to internal-to-RH topics and not for the Fedora wiki.