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Roll call

Max, Karsten, Jack, Harish, Paul, Tiemann


Established a personal relationship with Mark Surman, ED of Mozilla Foundation.

Chris Tyler has a webpage about how his class is going. Shows a list of what all of the students are working on. Would be nice to set up a bi-weekly call to discuss everything at a higher level.

$14k of our donation for a matching grant program. Turns our $50k into $64k.

Ontario Linux Fest had the Fedora event kit, and a number of other folks from the Toronto office.

Greg met with COO and CTO of <redacted> that is using JBoss. SOA was a topic of discussion. Part of the game is to build an infrstructure that allows you to talk to disparate enterprise systems. Had a hard time identifying common goals that everyone could solve as a baseline for community building.


Jack will be speaking with them today.

Expense reports & budget

Get them in this week.


Max is working on a mockup/draft to present to the team either on Tuesday or Wednesday. Modifications, review, and discussion in advance of mrc meeting on Friday.

We are trying to measure effect:

  • do ripples appear?
  • where are the ripples headed?

Since we are the disruptive end of the experiment, we want to be able to observe whether there is a measurable effect in something that we do. What measures come out of each of our things (FUDCons, partnerships with universities, etc.) Ensures that we track cause and effect, but caution against trying too hard to focus on sustainability, because our role is not as a continuous function, but rather as an incremental, catalyst function.

Design metrics to show whether or not the catalyst is happening.


  • Karsten summarized his trip to MTV for the team. Already on community-architecture-list.
  • Greg and the idea of "onramp" projects for participation.
  • Jan Wildeboer staying w/ Max for 2 days.
  • Karsten at Google Summer of Code mentor summit.