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Roll call

Max, Jim Gleason, Jack, Karsten, Harish, Paul, Tiemann


  • Jack and Jim Gleason. Jack wants to introduce Jim to our group, and we are eager to meet him. Feel free to add more info. Jim is with Qumranet, involved w/ virtualization. Matt Jamison speaking at December meeting of NY LUG. Community of virtualization around Qumranet is centered around KVM. Kernel-level type of community. 10k downloads a month of KVM. Getting the word out to non-kernel developers about how they can use the software to get more work done. Question of the proper level to engage the community. KVM as the future of virtualization in Fedora. Follow up will be a phone call with Moshe Bar.
  • Max will get angry with anyone who still hasn't done their expense reports after two weeks of brutal nagging.
  • We'll talk with Jack about his continuing education work. Spoke with Michael Cunningham, desire for a company-wide education strategy. Work with apinchev and mhowson on the company-wide education strategy. Also talk to rtiller & trabon to follow up on Open Source Index. Get our strategy together and circulated throughout the company so we don't step on other toes or replicate work. Education grants possibility, open source education summit possibility? Syracuse class status? Usability testing as part of a larger community feedback mechanism.
  • We'll talk with Karsten about how Fedora Docs and Release Notes are looking for F10. Six week goal to review all the Fedora Docs processes to see where we can improve things, or where tools are getting in the way of collaboration. Fedora Docs treated like our other community-build-and-handover-leadership projects.