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Roll call

Max, Sankarshan, Paul, Karsten, Harish, Greg, Jan Wildeboer


  • F10 tomorrow. Paul says that everything is all set from a press & rollout point of view. Paul would like everyone to read his post about statistics misconceptions.
  • Q4 budget and potential Asia/India shared FUDCon. Harish mentions that OSSPAC is happening in February. Trying to figure out the best way to spread our funds around both India and APAC in Q4.
  • Enterprise community discussion. There is a lot of data and writing floating around, and we need to pull it together in a comprehensive way. Karsten walks us through his thoughts. Rather than re-write it all in the minutes, read community-architecture-list.
  • FY10 goals and budget first draft. Max is working on that, trying to get it together before Thanksgiving.