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Roll call

Max, David Simmons, Jim Gleason, Tiemann, Karsten, Jan Wildeboer, Jack, Greg, Harish, Paul


Final meeting of 2008.

  • Qumranet -- Jack was to provide a list of 3 or 4 CommArch/Qumranet action items.
    • QA testing rig. Need outside help doing QA testing, filing bugs, etc.
    • QEMU front-end.
    • They will try to send a couple of guys to FUDCon.
    • Opportunity to make Fedora a place where larger communities come together to work.
  • OLPC interaction at FUDCon Boston.
  • Discussed with Harish spending up to $3k USD on swag for APAC.
  • Fedora people who can attend OLPC Europe events.
  • JBoss community engagement possibilities.