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Roll call

Max, Greg, Jack, Karsten, Paul

Max's agenda

I'd like to use the Feb 4 meeting as a checkpoint and see from each of you the beginnings of a personal plan/schedule for February and Q1 (so Feb - May), and the Feb 10 meeting to have a second version which gets more specific and formal.

Please include:

  • Red Hat/Fedora/CommArch related travel and goals for the trip.
  • Fedora events that you have responsibility for organizing.
  • F11 deliverables that you are responsible for.
  • Vacation (if applicable)

Additionally, I'd like to see some milestones and goals around the following:


  1. The "community cookbook" idea. Thoughts about prioritizing content, what to focus on, audience, and plan for creating content.
  2. Fedora Docs
  3. Whatever else you feel is important to you and to our team goals in the Feb/Q1 timeframe.


  1. Fedora Marketing. Specific projects that we are going to finish in this timeframe, and the milestones for achieving them. Picture book, Release Summary, etc.
  2. A plan for Fedora Marketing meetings every single week, starting today, no exceptions.


  1. Based on the mhowson meeting, a project plan for the EDU strategy, noting what we own, what Mark owns, and what needs to be shared with various manager-types because this is a cross-departmental thing.
  2. OLPC milestones and goals.


  1. Health dashboard
  2. Identifying key projects



Travel: FOSDEM (Feb 6-8), Chemnitzer Linux-Tage (March 13-15), Raleigh (end April)

Events I am responsible for: FUDCon EMEA (Q2)

F11 deliverables: Only from a budget and support perspective, no features in the actual release.

Vacation: maybe a couple of days in March.

EKG & Dashboard

R: Max & Yaakov
A: Max
C: comm-arch-list, bstevens, mrc
I: whoever else mrc wants to show it to

by Feb 13:

  • Conversation w/ Sacha about his metrics.
  • Flesh out community participation metrics.
  • Clearly document already-known-to-be-needed EKG enhancements.
  • Ask Yaakov to devote 6-7 of his 10 hours per week to EKG until further notice.
  • Provide Yaakov with prioritized list of features/enhancements.

by Feb 20:

  • Pitch Dashboard idea to Mo, ask if she can help with mockup ideas.
  • Use Brian's straw men (Spacewalk, oVirt, KVM, Fedora) for initial pass.
  • Present to Brian, and solicit feedback.

by Feb 27:

  • second draft of mockup to Brian, then present to mrc w/ Brian's positive feedback. - as Yaakov gets new metrics in and working, fill in the blanks w/ real data
  • future plans based on bstevens & mrc response.