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Roll call

Max, Greg, Jack, Karsten, Paul, Tiemann, Sankarshan, Harish



  • Conversation w/ Sacha is happening this week.
  • Work w/ Greg on education plan.
  • Carnegie Mellon

by March 9:

  • Plan for how we engage w/ internal projects.
  • Feedback about ISV roadmap to Karsten.
  • Pitch Dashboard idea to Mo, ask if she can help with mockup ideas.
  • Use Brian's straw men (Spacewalk, oVirt, Fedora) for initial pass.


  • Present mockup to Brian, then present to mrc w/ Brian's positive feedback. - as Yaakov gets new metrics in and working, fill in the blanks w/ real data


  • Formalize education presentation for mrc.
    • To extent possible, separate the RHA/OSU stuff.
  • Report on Spacewalk, etc. meetings.


  • Cookbook, based on schedule and feedback.
  • SCALE & FAD report
  • Get healthy.


  • Fedora Marketing is sole focus.
    • Critical path for the picture book, route around release form blocker.
    • JonRob and Main schedule pages merged, tasks clearly laid out and assigned owners.
    • Plan for checking in on tasks each week.
    • Finish wiki renaming, come up with meeting time, all the secretarial work around Fedora Marketing is done.