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Roll call

Max, Karsten, Greg, Jack, Jan, Sankarshan


Manager stuff

  • Compass
  • Compliance training
  • Expense reports

Linux Foundation Summit brainstorming w/ Karsten.

Max's trip report.

Status updates

  • Dashboard/Project Building
  • ISVs
  • Marketing
  • Beta release readiness
  • Spacewalk/Genome



  • Prep for mrc & bstevens meeting
    • Template for interaction w/ Red Hat projects
    • Dashboard
  • FUDCon & LinuxTag deliverables
  • FOSSBazaar article.
  • Continue working w/ Jeroen on his partner summit talk.
  • Compass stuff (from managerial and individual POV).


  • Get CommArch server into a bootable state and data backed up.
  • POSSE.
  • TOS/other Education stuff.
  • Genome & Spacewalk update.
    • Postgres conversion, roadmap information for how to do the port.
      • Postgres migration. 10 community hands could speed a release by 6 months.


  • Fedora Marketing update, based on the F11 Marketing schedule.
    • Updates on everything related to the Beta, and even into the Preview Release.
      • In depth features, significant progress on kernel mode setting.
      • Contact beats people about topics/features we cover, whatever this means.
      • Report on News Distribution Network, and its status & progress.
      • Drive the release slogan discussion on Fedora Marketing list, work with Paul to get a final decision.


  • Cookbook, based on schedule and feedback.
  • ISV goals for F11
  • Larger strategy and value to jvenable's work.
    • In progress, no update today ...
  • Update on upcoming talks/presentations.