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Roll call

Max, Greg, Jack, Paul, Karsten, Kushal


  • Reviewed POSSE schedule, logistical work remains but content is coming together.
  • Discussed Spacewalk, oVirt, and FreeIPA in advance of bstevens meeting.
    • Karsten to take a look FreeIPA setup and to report back Mon night/Tue morn.
    • Max to try to speak to mmcgrath about Fedora cloud prior to Wednesday.
    • Max to get an agenda out to Brian Tuesday afternoon including FreeIPA assessment.
    • To think about: draft of Cookbook to bstevens before Wednesday?
  • Fedora Marketing needs to get back on schedule.
    • Goals for MONDAY:
      • Plan (on list) for each day of the schedule, filling in the blanks.
      • Share the plan with Caroline and Paul.
      • Spin up the NDN into action.
      • Have Tuesday's news all set and edited and +1'd by the FPL.
  • Still working on the intern stuff (Greg to chat with NCSSM, Max to work on Ian).
  • Budget stuff -- all expenses need to be filed.
  • Max to chat w/ Yaakov about EKG.