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Some of the links below require Red Hat VPN access, including the full meeting minutes & log.

Roll call

Max, Mel, Harish, Ian, Ryan

Harish officially joins the team!


POSSE South Africa

  • Mel to make sure that both she and Pierros are set up for OSDC liveblogging of POSSE.
  • Max to send a note to Jan and Pierros (cc Mel) thanking them for participating as POSSE staff and reinforcing the things that are most important about the POSSE week.
  • Karsten to work on a POSSE South Africa preview article.

Team infrastructure

  • Ian to get the backups working on our internal team server, and handle other various and sundry sysadmin duties.


  • Max to email the organizers of the Etherpad FAD focusing on remotee participation.
  • Max to reach out to Matt Jadud for a general conversation/catch-up