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Some of the links below require Red Hat VPN access, including the full meeting minutes & log.

Roll call

Max, Mel, Harish, Karsten, Ian, Sebastian, Robyn


  • Do Harish and/or Rahul think it would make sense for them to attend Fedora APAC and India ambassador meetings, respectively?
  • We've been pretty stagnant on our RT tickets. Do team members know how to see their tickets, and can they spend a few minutes closing tickets for which the work has been completed? It seems to me that there are a number of tickets which would be easy to close out or to begin the process of resolving.
  • It's been a pretty open secret for a while now that a plan is in place to transition Rahul over to the CommArch team. Harish and Sankarshan and I had a long discussion about this last week, and there's some followup needed with Harish and Rahul and I. I want to get that scheduled and see where it stands.
  • Status of our Education goals for FY12, which Mel and I met with Michael about last week.
  • Status of our Internal Value to the Business goals for FY12, some of which is in Karsten's domain and some of which is in Harish's.
  • Status of our Fedora goals for FY12.
  • Plans for the week, questions, comments, open floor.

Action items

  • spevack kick off the Fedora Finance SIG that has been percolating on ambassadors-list
    • dscuss periodicity and predictability of budget planning in Fedora Finance SIG
  • ianweller to stand up a trac instance for us sometime in the next week, when it's convenient for him.
  • harish mchua have to really have a good talk about the posse opportunities that he sees, and figure out how to best follow up on those.
  • mchua ping internal folks on socializing education strategy
  • ianweller ping domainadmin@rh.c