Meeting:Community Architecture 2011-02-28

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Some of the links below require Red Hat VPN access, including the full meeting minutes & log.


Roll call

Max, Harish, Mel, Ian, Sebastian, Karsten


Old action items

  • Fedora Finance SIG (spevack)
  • Trac instance update and usage (ianweller, quaid)
  • Did mchua & harish discuss POSSE-related opportunities and have a followup recommendation?
  • ACTION: We need to figure out the proper way to share our edu plans/strategy with RHU team.
  • ianweller ping domainadmin@rh.c
  • Followup on spevack's note regarding Rahul.

Discussion topics

  • Karsten on current state of cloud activities, what he needs.
  • Karsten's TOSW-related note.
  • posse web design and clt.o
  • Open floor.