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Roll call

Karsten, Harish, Ian, Ryan, Mel, Sebastian


Max's priorities for the week:

  • Finalized Sebastian's offer letter with Carolyn. That's being mailed.
  • Get caught up on all Fedora-related stuff, especially Ambassadors, Finance, and FUDCon Panama.
  • FY12 goals finalization.
  • Working with Karsten on cloud and TOSW-related activities.
  • Expense reports.
  • Summarize the all-day mrc direct report meeting with folks in our weekly 1:1s.

Harish's priorities for the week:

  • Finalize Fedora-related goals for Rahul, and get April/May deadlines set.
  • Continue brainstorming on community metrics gathering/reporting and make a prototype.
  • Is there anything related to POSSE Manila that we need to have on the radar?

Karsten's priorities for the week:

  • Conversations that are moving along.
  • Deliverables that we're working towards.
  • Cloud and/or TOSW.
  • Turn Thursday 1:1 with Max into a longer chunk of time that includes parallel work on stuff? If that would be useful, let's plan it out.

Mel's priorities for the week:

  • SIGCSE and OSDC followup? Status update.
  • POSSCON trip report via OSDC.
  • POSSE Basics update, focusing on recruitment and the NSF-funded workshop dealing with curriculum.
  • What's the CommArch edu critical path and deliverables for April? Lay out the coming month for the team.

Ryan's priorities for the week:

  • Finalize TOS join page with Mel
  • TOS wiki antispam

Ian's priorities for the week:

  • Finish
  • What's on the plate for TOS infra?
  • How do we build a datanommer plan that will integrate with what Harish is looking at with metrics, and result in an actual deliverable? How do we work that into the summer? Don't need to discuss that this meeting, but it's the next big thing I want you thinking about.

Sebastian's priorities for the week:

  • Continue TOS events planning per $16k budget target, not including SIGCSE 2012. Any update on this?