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04 Jun 2008 FDSCo Meeting Minutes

-!- stickster changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Docs meeting -- 4 June 2008, 1900 UTC15:02
* couf here15:02
* stickster here15:03
* quaid is here15:04
quaiddistraction jackson15:04
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* Sparks is here15:05
quaidok then15:06
* Sparks just got home15:06
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* stickster looks for his relnotes howto15:06
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-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo stuff -- Follow-up on leadership discussion [">]15:08
sticksterHoly moley, look at that wiki scream15:08
* jsmith-teaching is half-watching while teaching15:08
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quaidso, any questions ??15:09
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sticksterstreamlining == good for this subproject.15:10
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sticksterquaid: So is this really a proposal of "all for one, one for all"15:12
quaidum, what?15:12
quaidthree musketeers?15:12
sticksterMaybe eighteen musketeers if we're lucky!15:12
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couf+1 to the proposal15:12
coufit feels like this is how it should happen, not to strict but still have something in place15:14
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sticksterSorry, phone call took me away, back now.15:18
* quaid has a visitor passing through, sorry15:18
quaidok, so no discussion on that topic is OK15:18
sticksteryeah, I think no one has a problem with it.15:18
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quaidsince some pplweren't here last week, just making sure we gave room to discuss15:18
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo is a meetin' -- release notes 9.0.2-1 [">]15:20
sticksterSo mdious did the POT fixin' and push for this15:20
quaidso task is done?15:20
quaidanything more on that topic?15:20
sticksterNot quite15:21
-!- GeroldKa [n=GeroldKa@fedora/geroldka] has joined #fedora-meeting15:21
coufjust needs rpm creation and publishing15:21
sticksterNeeds an SRPM rolled and imported to package CVS15:21
sticksterand a build and push15:21
sticksterI can do that, but as part of the process I want to document what I'm doing and put that in a wiki page15:21
sticksterBecause someone else will be doing it in Fedora 10.15:21
sticksterI thought I had done at least half of it already, but I can't seem to find the page on the current wiki :-\15:22
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coufI can handle publishing to docs.fp.o15:24
sticksterThanks couf15:24
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coufmove on?15:24
sticksterI'm ok with that... this is "in progress"15:26
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-!- couf changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo is a meetin' -- Wiki gardening redux15:27
* quaid sends his visitor off :)15:27
quaidbtw, we have some new contributors who have been really helping clean up and progress the new wiki15:28
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quaidso far I've definitely noticed cyberpear_, anubis, and kylev doing a lot15:28
quaidalso some Ambassadors have been cleaning up those pages, etc.15:29
sticksterI saw cyberpear come by here, I thought15:29
quaidI don't think this is coincidentaly15:29
quaidpopularity and ease of mediawiki does help15:29
quaidand smokin' speed!15:29
sticksterHopefully the new wiki's much faster response time and consistent "up-ness" is a big help15:29
sticksterha, *jinx15:29
sticksterAnd mmcgrath tells me this isn't the end state, it's just "good enough" for right now -- there will be additional tuning later.15:29
sticksterAll hail Fedora Infrastructure!!!15:30
quaidso, we continued to discuss Namespaces and Categories after last week's meeting15:31
quaidand so far, Namespaces are good for e.g. QA: with 1000 test plans15:31
quaidwhen you want to separate content from the default search space, basically.15:31
quaidcats on the other hand our near and dear friends15:31
coufI've been wondering if this could be a solution for wiki-L10N as well15:31
quaidwith all docs on the flat namespace wiki/Doc_Name15:31
coufhaving <lang>:....15:31
quaidcouf: "they say" the solution is in parallel wiki installs,apparently15:31
quaidcouf: but I have seen that proposed in the pages about namespace, as a l10n solution15:31
coufyeah, I know, but as a current solution15:31
sticksterHm, weird15:33
quaidsorry, not that one15:33
quaidthat one15:33
coufah interesting15:34
quaidoh, weird, I read that wrong i guess15:34
quaidSparks: did you have any follow-up from last week on categories, orphan pages, or better structure for15:35
quaidand my general question ...15:35
quaidwhere should we get all this naming and categorizing written down?15:35
quaidHelp:Editing or a ne wpage?15:35
SparksI was just thinking about that...15:36
SparksWhat if...15:36
couflinked from Help:Editing15:36
Sparkswe have multiple "standardized" categories and provide links to those cats from the DocsProject page15:37
SparksThe cats I would use would be "Documentation" "Draft Documentation" 15:37
SparksAny others?15:37
SparksOf course any large guide could have a cat to itself to link all the pages together15:37
SparksI think it should be off a Help: page and linked from the Docs Project page15:37
quaidI actually put something in Category:DocumentationDraft this week :)15:39
SparksThat works too15:39
quaidthe Bodhi_Guide iirc15:39
Sparksas long as it makes sense to the end user15:39
quaidnot too late to fix that15:39
quaidany vote on the order here?15:39
quaidyours does read more naturally15:39
SparksWe can do that in MW now...15:39
SparksAnd then there is the orphan pages...  but I'll let everyone comment before we move on15:41
quaidany opinions?15:41
Sparksany other categories that would be needed?15:42
coufare we talking in general for the whole wiki, or just for docs?15:43
-!- petreu [n=peter@fedora/Standby] has quit ["( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )"]15:43
Sparkscouf: Just for docs15:43
Sparkscouf: There will probably be hundreds of cats wiki wide15:43
coufokay, so we'll use these 3 them: DocsProject Documentation and Draft Documentation15:43
SparksUnless anyone can think of any others that would be needed15:43
-!- jsmith-teaching is now known as jsmith15:43
quaidnot now, we'll grow as we go if needed15:44
coufwe should put a link to Documenation from docs.fp.o15:45
quaidso oprhans ...15:45
quaidcouf: +115:45
Sparksquaid: the cats can have spaces...15:45
quaidSparks: aye +1 spaces15:45
SparksSo that is a tricky subject.15:45
SparksI think everything in the wiki should be linked to a higher project.  15:45
quaidok, I moved it to Category:Draft Documentation15:45
SparksBut, as you stated last week, what if you have a page that is linked to outside the wiki15:45
quaidright, it can only be one of the ways to value a page15:45
* quaid was denied his move :(15:46
quaidcan't move a Special: namespace item or something15:47
SparksSo, I'm going to try to look at the orphans this afternoon and see if some of them can be moved to a better home.15:47
quaidsure, I bet we can do a lot with that15:49
SparksWe might be missing something and not know it.15:49
SparksI know I found quite a bit of information that I'd like to pull into the security guide15:49
quaidso, we're going to put *all* this wiki structure stuff in15:50
-!- tibbs [n=tibbs@fedora/tibbs] has quit ["Konversation terminated!"]15:50
quaidlink it from Help:Editing15:51
quaidand maybe announce that a bit15:51
quaidanyone feel like they can take on the first stab at Help:WikiStructure?15:51
-!- jsmith is now known as jsmith-away15:51
* Sparks can start on it15:51
quaidthat would be great, thx15:51
* quaid loves how you can watch a page that doesn't exist yet15:51
quaidany more on this topic?15:51
quaidok then15:53
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo -- content to handle15:53
quaidso last week Sparks said the Security Guide is ready to publish15:53
quaidsorry, did I get that wrong?15:53
SparksUmmm...  no...  but....15:53
quaid"part of it"15:53
SparksA few weeks ago I thought we diminished the use of the CVS over keeping things in the wiki.15:53
SparksIs that still true or are we going to be pushing stuff over to CVS?15:55
quaidwell, we decided two things:L15:55
quaid1. If it is ready for DocBook XML, it needs a space15:55
quaid2. It is OK to have some content that doesn't leave the wiki, or stays in the wiki and leaves later15:55
quaidbecause if we could just figure out how to l10n the wiki with Transifex, we remove a large reason for XML15:55
quaidmy vote on the SEc Guide is15:55
quaidit could go to XML, but that's a lot of work for something that we aren't necc. going to invite translations to since it is going to evovle rapidly15:55
quaidso why not have it in the wiki now, grow it, and see where it is as we get to F1015:55
quaidmaybe plan on having a full-guide alpha release with F10 Alpha15:57
quaidok, now how that looks, with draft and non-draft content ...15:57
quaidmaybe we have a {{draft}} template  at the top of all draft pages15:57
quaidand not worry about it, because it will have some use as we proceed.15:57
-!- rdieter is now known as rdieter_away15:59
SparksI think we already do15:59
SparksI got a change on one of my pages that looked like that15:59
quaidok, we're out of time!15:59
-!- knurd is now known as knurd_afk15:59
* spevack boots quaid :)15:59
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