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quaid <meeting id="Docs team"> 11:01
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Docs mtg -- say hello :) 11:02
quaid hello 11:02
jjmcd bonjour 11:02
kirkz quaid: hi 11:02
* laubersm is here 11:03
stickster quaid: Is Sparks here for this one? I'm behind on email, sorry. 11:03
* stickster can't be 100% here either, unfortch 11:03
* lcafiero is here 11:03
quaid stickster: he asked me to cover this mtg for him 11:04
stickster OK, gotcha 11:04
quaid he's in an all-day at $2ork 11:04
stickster Just curious, no problem 11:04
quaid yeah, there 2 11:04
quaid ok, he left me some agenda items iirc 11:04
laubersm a new meeting time was a big one 11:05
quaid Docs_Project_Steering_Committee_meetings#Agenda_for_Next_Meeting 11:05
quaid yep 11:05
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-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Docs_Project_Steering_Committee_meetings#Agenda_for_Next_Meeting :::: meeting time change 11:05
quaid I would guess 11:05
quaid that if you haven't put your name in hereL 11:05
quaid FDSCo_meeting_matrix 11:05
quaid then you don't care what time it is? 11:06
quaid or you are choosing to not be a gating facter 11:06
* quaid tries ways to be fair 11:06
* laubersm thinks decisions are made by those that show up (and proxy counts) 11:06
quaid we have one block that gets five ppl 11:06
quaid sorry, two 11:07
jjmcd Except I would lean towards something ryanlerch can make eve if he isn't ususally here now 11:07
quaid jjmcd: we would need to know what he can make 11:07
quaid jjmcd: did he not put his name on there because he's available all day in BNE? 11:07
jjmcd I dunno, seems like Sparks talked to him but I don't know the outcome 11:08
quaid which would mean Thursday 00:00 (is that really Wednesday my time?) 11:08
laubersm quaid: yes 11:08
jjmcd yeh 11:08
quaid tricky bugger that 11:08
laubersm Thur 00:00 is PST 4pm Wed according to my printout here 11:09
laubersm which is EST 7pm 11:09
quaid yeppers, I remember why I approved that one for me, I was sure I could do it with the major royal screw-up that is daylight savings time adjustments 11:09
jjmcd Yeah, I had to extend all my normal meetings an hour to find holes that would straddle time changes 11:10
laubersm what time is that for RL? 11:11
jjmcd Probably some time tuesday, who knows 11:11
* laubersm has a chart just for US time zones 11:11
laubersm I had added myself to the popular Sat time (Fri night for me) but I still keep hoping that I'll get a life 11:12
laubersm (and I don't just mean Fri nights in the airport) 11:12
jjmcd GMT+11 so 11 AM 11:12
quaid BNE is +1000 11:12
quaid oh, OK 11:12
quaid so that's Thursday around elevenses 11:13
jjmcd yeah, or maybe 10 depending on the season 11:13
jjmcd But not sleeping probably unless too late in the bar 11:13
quaid since we can all technically be here around that time this afternoon, let's ping ryanlerch and make sure it works for him. 11:13
* laubersm thinks that sounds a lot like the outcome of last week's discussion... 11:14
jjmcd Yeah, except I think Sparks did talk with him 11:15
laubersm +1 for Thurs 00:00 UTC - put it out on the list and revisit if there is an explosion 11:16
jjmcd Sounds like a plan to me 11:16
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quaid word 11:17
laubersm hmm... Damiels isn't in the THur list either... re Users Guide. 11:17
-!- mbonnet is now known as mbonnet__ 11:17
laubersm well hopefully he can make it some of the time (college schedule and all) 11:17
quaid good point 11:17
quaid right, we're working on a schedule that mayn't change for a while 11:18
quaid in fact, this time here has been steady for several years iirc 11:18
-!- itbegins_ [n=Simon@] has joined #fedora-meeting 11:18
quaid I see he is avail one hour before 11:18
quaid maybe we can start the meeting :15 early :) 11:18
quaid I've tried two hour meeting windows for just that reason before, which didn't work out so hot. 11:19
laubersm I like the maybe we can start early thing - 11:19
laubersm he is also good about sending a proxy (email) 11:19
quaid yep 11:19
laubersm and his schedule might change with the semesters 11:19
* quaid looks at Fedora_meeting_channel 11:20
quaid looks good for keeping this channel 11:20
quaid the EPEL slot is not used I reckon 11:21
* quaid being on that steering committee and not meeting at that time that he can recall, or he is just lame 11:21
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* laubersm notes the EPEL page says Mon 15:00 UTC 11:22
-!- danielsmw [] has joined #fedora-meeting 11:22
jjmcd hey speak of the devil 11:22
* danielsmw looks around 11:22
* laubersm points at danielsmw 11:22
* danielsmw hides in the corner from... something? 11:23
laubersm danielsmw: We are talking about new meeting times 11:23
danielsmw Oh! 11:23
danielsmw Okay. 11:23
laubersm Thus 00:00 is leading the pack 11:23
laubersm Thurs 11:23
Jeff_S laubersm: EPEL never seems to meet at that time... we were going to look into changing it (again) :) 11:23
laubersm danielsmw: But you are not listed in that block as available 11:23
danielsmw um.... 11:23
danielsmw well, let's see. 11:23
quaid Jeff_S: yeah, I'd like to help us get back on track there 11:24
danielsmw 00:00 = 7 PM EST, right? 11:24
laubersm danielsmw: That is Wed 7pm Eastern 11:24
Jeff_S quaid: me too :) 11:24
danielsmw right 11:24
danielsmw um... 11:24
danielsmw That's do-able. 11:24
danielsmw It's not as convenient as other times, but I can make that work. 11:24
* laubersm cheers 11:24
jjmcd well, 7PM for a few more days 11:24
danielsmw If that's the will of the party. 11:24
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laubersm hmm jjmcd is right - 7pm standard time - 8pm daylight savings time which starts soon 11:25
* laubersm thinks it is spring forward and fall back 11:25
danielsmw That sounds right 11:26
jjmcd yep which makes it 8 11:26
* jjmcd thinks we are far too technological a society to be worshiping the sun god anyway 11:26
laubersm beginning Mar 8 11:27
quaid jjmcd: or we could just give up on our silly artificial conventions and go back to worshipping the sun god, either way 11:27
danielsmw so 00:00 UTC starting March 8th? 11:27
quaid yes 11:27
danielsmw March 8th UTC? 11:27
danielsmw Oh right, that's DST. 11:28
danielsmw Okay. 11:28
laubersm 00:00 on Thursdays starting - ????? 11:28
laubersm March is when that the time changes 11:28
quaid oh dear 11:28
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quaid but that's the way it is 11:28
laubersm when thinking local clock 11:28
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quaid last open question was. 11:29
laubersm quaid: new meeting time next week? or the following (after the EST->EDT change) 11:29
quaid are we going to start a few minutes early? or 0000 is OK? 11:29
jjmcd I'm for dividing the year into 100 days and the day into 100 hours and stop all this 7/24/28/29/30/31 nonsense 11:29
danielsmw good call jjmcd 11:29
danielsmw metric for the win. 11:29
jjmcd Until Mar 8 I can only be a few minutes early. After that don't matter 11:30
nirik jjmcd: see 11:30
jjmcd danielsmw: if we did it right we might even get rid of the leap second 11:30
* laubersm notices we are once again too distracted.... 11:31
danielsmw I mean, look, do we really need to base years on the seasons? 11:31
danielsmw I say we just reboot at year 0 and base it off a physical constant 11:31
danielsmw Anyway, yeah 11:31
* quaid notes that much of the world does care about the seasons intimately 11:31
danielsmw sorry laubersm 11:31
quaid let us not forget that as we sit in our wee towers :) 11:31
quaid how about this: 11:31
quaid put in your vote for start new time at 8 march or 15 march 11:32
* quaid 8 march 11:32
laubersm wait 11:32
laubersm Mar 8 is a Sunday 11:32
jjmcd So Mar 11 or 18 11:32
jjmcd 11 11:32
* laubersm Thurs March 12 00:00 UTC 11:33
jjmcd yes, exactly 11:33
laubersm I think we are all agreeing on the week at least :) 11:33
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quaid sorry 11:33
* quaid blames the flu 11:34
jjmcd excuses, excuses 11:34
* laubersm is almost over it 11:34
quaid umm, what about 4 Mar then? 11:34
jjmcd 4 mar 1900 or 5 mar 0000? I could go either way 11:35
laubersm I would say just skip a week - but feature freeze is next week so I guess we should meet 11:35
quaid we should 11:35
quaid sorry, let's do this right, give me a moment: 11:35
-!- lcafiero [] has joined #fedora-meeting 11:35
quaid vote 5 Mar 0000, or 11:35
quaid vote 12 Mar 0000, or 11:36
quaid vote 19 Mar 0000 11:36
quaid right? 11:36
* quaid votes 5 Mar 11:36
* laubersm 5 Mar 0000 11:36
* danielsmw Abstains 11:36
jjmcd 5 mar 0000 11:37
kirkz 5 mar 11:38
quaid ok then 11:39
quaid we'll start next week 11:39
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quaid and with that ... 11:39
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Docs mtg :::: Wiki page changes 11:39
quaid I'm guessing we'd love to hear what laubersm has been up to? 11:40
laubersm Progress is being made 11:40
laubersm 11:40
laubersm I can finish up the docsproject.psv list by tomorrow - but I don't mind letting someone else do the 11:40
laubersm cut and paste work 11:40
laubersm most are in the categories now 11:41
laubersm (don't forget to look in the sub cats) 11:41
laubersm but a bunch still need someone to use the "move" tab 11:41
laubersm Then we need to clean up the remaining content to be usable 11:42
laubersm This step took care of names, categories, and an initial pass at archiving 11:42
quaid how hard was it? 11:43
laubersm hard? not at all 11:43
laubersm boring? eye crossing? tedious? 11:43
jjmcd just tedious 11:44
* laubersm wishes wikibot could have done it. 11:44
* quaid agrees, sadly 11:44
laubersm quaid: you did the hard part - filtering out what to archive, what to name, and what categories 11:44
quaid but we did get one new value. 11:44
quaid we know that if we expect people to rename their pages 11:44
jjmcd But there were a lot of category issues we would have missed had we just done wikibot 11:45
quaid they will not do it by hand and we need wikibot :) 11:45
-!- John5342 [n=john5342@fedora/John5342] has joined #fedora-meeting 11:45
laubersm There are still plenty of pages to be cleaned up - in and out of docs 11:45
quaid jjmcd: after cleaning up the PSV? 11:45
quaid or you mean, existing categories on pages? 11:45
jjmcd I didn't update the psv 11:45
jjmcd Some obvious categories missing on psv 11:46
* quaid meant all the case mistakes he made in the categories in the PSV ref. cleaning up 11:46
quaid presuming a clean PSV to start, what would wikibot have missed for us? 11:46
laubersm I cleanup up the the archive -> archives and a few of the case things 11:46
laubersm there were not many left 11:46
laubersm quaid: I think wikibot would have been fine after another proofreading of the psv file 11:47
jjmcd Yes, if one could get brain engaged reading psv 11:48
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laubersm I'm working on getting StabbyMc to take a stab at the Events/ and FedoraEvents/ pages 11:49
quaid cool, that's good 11:49
laubersm (no that he has left) 11:49
quaid laubersm: wow 11:49
quaid that would be cool 11:49
quaid yeah, we need FedoraEvents as a URL to disappear 11:49
laubersm marketing has started their pages 11:50
laubersm package maintainers is basically done 11:50
laubersm packaging drafts is getting there 11:50
laubersm but the event stuff showing up in searches for new users and contributors would be really good 11:52
quaid coo' 11:52
quaid wiki gardening lives! 11:52
quaid anything more or time to bug ke4qqq? 11:52
* laubersm has been done 11:53
quaid and are we in fact gating on ke4qqq to make more progress on the CMS? 11:53
* quaid said 'gating'! argh! 11:53
quaid don't think anyone here can answer, huh? 11:54
quaid abadger1999: ping 11:54
abadger1999 quaid: pong 11:54
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itbegins_ i am here 11:55
abadger1999 I think that's the case. itbegins, you talked to ke4qqq last. 11:55
abadger1999 We're just waiting on packaging? 11:55
itbegins_ i am waiting on packaging before i can reinstall the test instance 11:55
quaid he's made progress, but what I really mean is ... 11:55
quaid can we be making progress without packages? 11:55
quaid ok, I see 11:55
quaid could the Docs people be entering stuff in that survives the reinstall? 11:56
itbegins_ the only areas i have to really deal with are theme/design and the dics build script 11:56
quaid can someone be working on the final tweaks to the CSS? 11:56
quaid ok 11:56
quaid do you need help with the theme? 11:56
itbegins_ the database will survive packaging, so yes 11:56
quaid we have Websites/Design people with CSS experience. 11:56
itbegins_ design is not my strongpoint, but I can probably handle a simple port 11:57
quaid abadger1999: what do you think about us entering stuff? we could be getting used to using it for publishing? 11:57
itbegins_ if you want changes, getting the design people to handle it might be a good plan 11:57
quaid itbegins_: if you have any questions, feel free to use fedora-websites-list 11:57
quaid nah, we want to look like Fedora 11:57
quaid and it's probably worth showing your CSS to -websites-l 11:57
itbegins_ might be worth it anyway, so they are familiar with the new system?... 11:57
quaid mduffy has some good ideas on how to nest the CSS, or something 11:58
quaid itbegins_: peripherally, they should be aware 11:58
itbegins_ Sorry, slow to type, on mobile 11:58
abadger1999 quaid: Probably be okay..... We would need to dump the test db and reload it on the production mysql server when we do a real deploy. 11:58
quaid abadger1999: sure, that was what I meant :) ... if that's likely safe enough ... 11:59
abadger1999 permissions are stored in the same db? 11:59
itbegins_ ok, well Ill see what I can do about finishing the css, and Ill chase progress on the build script 11:59
quaid itbegins_: we can discuss on list when it's safest for Docs people to start actually doing stuff to populate with structure and content. 11:59
itbegins_ abadger1999: yes, access control and content are all the same db 11:59
quaid s/on list/on docs list/ 11:59
abadger1999 Can we dump the docs but not the permissions and reload those in the new db? Or will that mess up authorship and such? 11:59
itbegins_ abadger1999: shouldn't be a problem, providin,g we dont dump user records 12:00
quaid jjmcd: if you 've got a second, can you say a quick update on the release notes for the IRC log 12:00
jjmcd OK 12:00
abadger1999 itbegins_: I think we can live with that. 12:00
jjmcd Been a little slow past week here - computer probls 12:00
jjmcd I need some help with F10 update 12:01
jjmcd Otherwise not a lot of news really, plugging along 12:01
itbegins_ ok, Ill duck out now, supposed to be sitting at a restaurant table... 12:01
quaid itbegins_: :) 12:01
quaid jjmcd: do you all have a recruitment plan for Beats? or something like that? 12:01
quaid in my experience, getting a wide range of valuable content from the real sources is the hardest nut to crack. 12:02
quaid jjmcd: I'm available to help you with F10 update, if anybody 12:02
jjmcd Not a plan, am doing some recruiting but more or less andom 12:02
quaid ok, when we see ryanlerch later let's ask him what he thinks and etc.? 12:02
jjmcd but a strategy would be a good thing 12:02
-!- knurd is now known as knurd_afk 12:02
quaid ok,we're over the clock 12:02
quaid I think there is a mtg here and time to move on anyway 12:03
jjmcd (onna phone with some pretty strange stuff) 12:03
quaid if there is anything more for the record .... 12:03
* quaid counts down 12:03
quaid 5 12:03
quaid 4 12:03
quaid 3 12:03
quaid 2 12:03
quaid 1 12:03
quaid </meeting> 12:03

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