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Sparks <meeting id="Docs Project"> Mar 04 19:00
Sparks Roll Call! Mar 04 19:00
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Welcome to the Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: DocsProject/SteeringCommittee/Meetings Mar 04 19:00
*laubersm is here Mar 04 19:00
*danielsmw is here Mar 04 19:00
*Sparks is here Mar 04 19:00
jjmcd est ici Mar 04 19:00
*radsy here Mar 04 19:01
radsy i'm awake for this one! Mar 04 19:01
Sparks radsy: That was one of the reasons for moving the meeting time! Mar 04 19:01
*Sparks gives everyone a few more minutes to trickle in Mar 04 19:01
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mdious here Mar 04 19:02
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*ryanlerch is here Mar 04 19:03
ryanlerch sorry for being late... Mar 04 19:03
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ianweller oh hai Mar 04 19:03
Sparks ryanlerch: Well don't worry about it. You only missed the first three minutes of the meeting... Mar 04 19:03
*ianweller is here Mar 04 19:03
Sparks ... where we discussed putting you in charge of everything Mar 04 19:04
jjmcd is ke4qqq actually here Mar 04 19:04
ryanlerch lol Mar 04 19:04
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Sparks Okay, first I'd like to apologize for my absence over the past couple of weeks... Mar 04 19:04
*ianweller steals Sparks's gavel and hits the table with it Mar 04 19:04
*kulll has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 04 19:05
Sparks between $DAYJOB and being sick the last few days I haven't been with it. Mar 04 19:05
Sparks And did I mention that my primary computer did it's biannual X failure? Mar 04 19:05
Sparks enough about all that... on with the show. Mar 04 19:05
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Wiki ticket approval <-- ianweller Mar 04 19:05
Sparks ianweller: You needed guidance? Mar 04 19:05
ianweller oh yes Mar 04 19:06
ianweller .tiny Mar 04 19:06
zodbot ianweller: Mar 04 19:06
ianweller i'm gonna go down the list real quick Mar 04 19:06
ianweller ticket 2: Packaging mass page rename Mar 04 19:06
ianweller laubersm: what's the status on that? Mar 04 19:06
laubersm ready to go Mar 04 19:07
Sparks Did we get the bot working? Mar 04 19:07
ianweller k i'll see what i can do with wikibot. i may just need to work w/o nigel's patches to pywikipedia bot Mar 04 19:07
laubersm I don't have permission to touch those manually but abadger and spot said go for it Mar 04 19:07
ianweller laubersm: i don't have permission either :/ Mar 04 19:07
laubersm the psv has old name | new name Mar 04 19:07
ianweller which is oddly funny Mar 04 19:07
ianweller anywho moving on Mar 04 19:07
ianweller Docs Project mass rename Mar 04 19:07
ianweller laubersm: status? :) Mar 04 19:08
laubersm done Mar 04 19:08
*ianweller sets as 'fixed' Mar 04 19:08
*jjmcd applauds laubersm Mar 04 19:08
laubersm but that one did not cover all the Docs/* and Docs/Drafts pages so we still need a little work on that Mar 04 19:08
ianweller ticket 5: Help page when a search fails is blank Mar 04 19:08
ianweller laubersm: ok. we'll get to that when it comes Mar 04 19:08
ianweller can i ask someone to take ticket 5 and work on it? Mar 04 19:09
Sparks yes, you can. Mar 04 19:09
Sparks :) Mar 04 19:09
ianweller s/ask/force/ Mar 04 19:09
Sparks yes, you can (just not me) Mar 04 19:09
*ianweller points at ryanlerch Mar 04 19:09
ianweller i'll see if i can rope someone into that later. moving on. Mar 04 19:10
*joat ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 04 19:10
laubersm It is just writing the help page? Mar 04 19:10
ianweller yeah Mar 04 19:10
ianweller or stealing it from cuz that is public domain Mar 04 19:10
ianweller whatever, really Mar 04 19:10
laubersm Can a draft be dragged from mediawiki and modified? Mar 04 19:10
ianweller yeah Mar 04 19:10
*quaid sticks his head in for a few minutes to watch Mar 04 19:10
ianweller i can talk about it afterwards Mar 04 19:10
ianweller moving on: ticket 6 packagemaintainers mass page rename Mar 04 19:10
joat if you have the proper access, a page can be exported from one wiki and imported into the other Mar 04 19:11
ianweller laubersm: status report on that? it says 'mostly done' Mar 04 19:11
laubersm done - close Mar 04 19:11
ianweller woo Mar 04 19:11
ianweller ok here's where i actually need opinion votes :) Mar 04 19:11
ianweller "Mediawiki:Mainpage title change request" Mar 04 19:11
ianweller it's been requested by stickster_afk to change the name of "Main Page" to something like "Fedora Project Wiki" Mar 04 19:12
ianweller which would consist of moving the main page to that name and then adjusting the Mediawiki:Mainpage variable. Mar 04 19:12
ianweller +1 or -1 plz Mar 04 19:12
Sparks -1 (just because Paul suggested it) Mar 04 19:12
quaid there is a reason, too Mar 04 19:12
quaid when you see the front page, right now it says 'Main Page' Mar 04 19:12
*kulll (n=kulll@ has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 04 19:12
ianweller Sparks: loll Mar 04 19:12
quaid which is short of helpful Mar 04 19:12
jjmcd +1 Mar 04 19:12
quaid if it were named Fedora Project Wiki, that would appear as the <h1> on that page. Mar 04 19:12
laubersm I have no problem with the change.. +1 Mar 04 19:12
quaid so, I am +1 Mar 04 19:12
danielsmw +1 Mar 04 19:12
Sparks +1 Mar 04 19:13
radsy +1 Mar 04 19:13
ryanlerch +! Mar 04 19:13
ianweller i'm calling it approved by FDSCo. Mar 04 19:13
ianweller last one is ticket 8, "Watching Categories" Mar 04 19:13
ianweller reported by kanarip. "As per the thread on, I would like to be able to watch pages being moved from and to Categories. " Mar 04 19:14
kanarip that's me Mar 04 19:14
ianweller iirc there is an extension to do this but i can't remember it right now. Mar 04 19:14
ianweller is this something we want to put interest in or not Mar 04 19:14
Sparks So you are watching pages within a category or pages that change categories? Mar 04 19:14
quaid so this would make it possible to watch Category:Foo and all that happens to pages in the Cat:Foo would be shown? or just show the entrance/exit from a Cat:? Mar 04 19:14
kanarip Categories that get pages added or removed Mar 04 19:14
quaid ah, that works for category triggers Mar 04 19:15
quaid which spins and features, for example, use. Mar 04 19:15
jjmcd If we are relying more on categories, we should have tools to help Mar 04 19:15
quaid that is, actions are spawned by a category being set or removed. Mar 04 19:15
*ianweller notes kanarip originally wanted this for spins Mar 04 19:15
laubersm you can already watch the category for changes to the page itself but it does not tell you when a new page shows up in the cat Mar 04 19:15
ianweller +1 or -1 plz Mar 04 19:15
quaid +1 Mar 04 19:15
laubersm That could be useful for a number of groups who are using categories to track progress Mar 04 19:15
Sparks ianweller: IMO, if it is something that is easily added to the wiki that doesn't create a nightmare for admin and a Fedorian can get some use out of... +1 Mar 04 19:16
ianweller this is a vote for looking into it and testing the extension, fyi Mar 04 19:16
jjmcd How stable/difficult/cranky is this add-in Mar 04 19:16
ianweller jjmcd: that'd be why i would need to research/test it Mar 04 19:16
laubersm +1 to researching Mar 04 19:16
jjmcd +1 for research Mar 04 19:16
ianweller i don't wanna do that if we're not interested. Mar 04 19:16
ianweller i'm just querying interest Mar 04 19:17
danielsmw +1 for R&D Mar 04 19:17
ianweller ok i've got +5, any more? Mar 04 19:17
kanarip +1, fwiw Mar 04 19:17
kanarip ;-) Mar 04 19:17
*ianweller takes Sparks's gavel and bangs it again Mar 04 19:17
ianweller kanarip: he Mar 04 19:17
ianweller heh* Mar 04 19:17
ianweller alright /me assigns ticket to self Mar 04 19:17
ianweller any questions for me? i'm done with the ticket list Mar 04 19:17
Sparks ianweller: I have a question Mar 04 19:18
ianweller shoot Mar 04 19:18
Sparks ianweller: You mentioned above you didn't have permission to do something. What permission do you need to do what? Mar 04 19:18
ianweller with the new ACL extension i don't have permission to touch the Packaging: and Legal: pages. Mar 04 19:18
ianweller unless i get put in the appropriate groups Mar 04 19:18
Sparks ianweller: but they want you to do work for them? Mar 04 19:19
ianweller i assume so :) Mar 04 19:19
ianweller i'll talk to spot about it. Mar 04 19:19
ianweller i'm almost certain he doesn't want to do it himself Mar 04 19:19
Sparks ianweller: Well, make sure they know that you need to be added to their groups, even temporarily. Mar 04 19:19
ianweller aye aye Mar 04 19:19
laubersm Sparks, it would be a one time shot of a bunch of renaming Mar 04 19:19
Sparks ianweller: I don't know why the wiki czar wouldn't have admin access to everything. Mar 04 19:19
ianweller odds are i'd put wikibot in the groups, not me Mar 04 19:19
ianweller unless i was doing it manually Mar 04 19:20
Sparks :) Mar 04 19:20
ianweller Sparks: i used to with HNP Mar 04 19:20
ianweller ;) Mar 04 19:20
ianweller lockdown doesn't have that coded in Mar 04 19:20
ianweller prolly a good idea, less code == less bugs Mar 04 19:20
ianweller in general Mar 04 19:20
Sparks true. Mar 04 19:20
Sparks Okay, anything else for ianweller ? Mar 04 19:20
*ianweller internally conts to 10 Mar 04 19:20
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - CMS Update <-- ke4qqq Mar 04 19:20
ianweller \o/ Mar 04 19:21
Sparks ke4qqq: You here? Mar 04 19:21
Sparks I got a message from someone saying something about the CMS earlier this week but I'm pretty sure I had a fever at that point. Mar 04 19:21
Sparks I'll try to follow up before next week so we'll have a progress report to... report. Mar 04 19:21
jjmcd someone said he would be asleep by now Mar 04 19:22
Sparks jjmcd: Isn't he in South Carolina? Mar 04 19:22
danielsmw Yes, unless he's on business Mar 04 19:22
jjmcd David is, but I think the guy with the comment was in the uj Mar 04 19:22
jjmcd uk Mar 04 19:22
Sparks Yes Mar 04 19:22
Sparks Okay Mar 04 19:22
jjmcd he said to get q's to him by 2300 Mar 04 19:22
quaid I talked with ... darn, i forget his name Mar 04 19:22
jjmcd me too Mar 04 19:23
Sparks Okay, I'll have something before next week Mar 04 19:23
quaid who is working on the autobuild; I had to install publican on the publictest server Mar 04 19:23
quaid and from that I pinged ke4qqq and abadger1999 about Mar 04 19:23
quaid the package dependency Mar 04 19:23
quaid I'm fairly sure we want the autobuild to happen on a separate server Mar 04 19:23
quaid that does not have a web facing interface. Mar 04 19:23
quaid Mar 04 19:24
quaid pulls in qt and stuff, not great for a web server Mar 04 19:24
quaid so that was my recommendation to toshio and david, to make another tier. Mar 04 19:24
Tsagadai quaid, what exactly is the issue with those packages? Mar 04 19:25
*ianweller is gonna be ignoring IRC for a bit, if you need me back in here call my fedora talk extension Mar 04 19:26
*laubersm thinks it is Simon Mar 04 19:26
quaid Tsagadai: ideally a front-facing web server is paired down to a minimun package set that doesn't include X and a graphical desktop Mar 04 19:26
quaid but I think there is another good reason to put the autobuild on a stand-alone box Mar 04 19:26
quaid doesn't publican peg the CPU when working? Mar 04 19:26
quaid we don't want that happening on the same cpu as the CMS. Mar 04 19:26
Tsagadai yes, for about 30 seconds Mar 04 19:27
Tsagadai but it's single threaded (lawl) so that really shouldn't affect a modern web server Mar 04 19:27
ianweller iarlyy inode0 itamarjp ivazquez ivazquez|laptop ixs Mar 04 19:27
*Sparks calls ianweller but only gets his voicemail Mar 04 19:28
Tsagadai I think a stand-alone box would be overkill. If the security aspects of having X11 present but off are overwhelming for the admins perhaps they should try virtualization Mar 04 19:29
quaid Tsagadai: I am merely recommending an approach to Infrastructure; you are welcome to make your own recommendation. Mar 04 19:29
quaid Sparks: I'm done with this item, btw Mar 04 19:29
jjmcd X11 is like a huge albatross for a server Mar 04 19:29
Sparks quaid: Okay. TU Mar 04 19:29
Sparks Anything else for the CMS? Mar 04 19:30
Tsagadai jjmcd, but when X11 is not actually running it is no more an issue than just disk space Mar 04 19:30
ianweller hi? Mar 04 19:30
ianweller Sparks: cuz i was out of my room :P Mar 04 19:31
jjmcd Sort of like parking a semi in your driveway to protect your miata from the wind Mar 04 19:31
Sparks ianweller: Wiki pages changes <- an old agenda item. Covered already? Mar 04 19:31
ianweller Sparks: what is 'wiki pages changes' Mar 04 19:31
Sparks ianweller: I don't know. It was an old item. I'm claiming it as being done. Mar 04 19:32
ianweller kill it Mar 04 19:32
Sparks Moving on... Mar 04 19:32
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on Release Notes Mar 04 19:32
Sparks This is ryanlerch and jjmcd's project Mar 04 19:32
Sparks Any updates? Mar 04 19:32
ryanlerch Mar 04 19:32
ryanlerch the release notes should be in line with what is on the wiki... Mar 04 19:33
ryanlerch going to work with rudi on getting the source merged into the git tree... Mar 04 19:33
jjmcd I am going to move my work page from Jjmcd/Drafts to DevTools which will be a big jump Mar 04 19:33
jjmcd right nw there is a lot of raw data there, but if it's in the open maybe I can draw some help/comments Mar 04 19:34
jjmcd Over 100 dev tools new/changed Mar 04 19:34
jjmcd gcl is making a 4+ year jump, but the project page leaves no clue as to what is happening Mar 04 19:34
jjmcd Jerry James agreed to do some research for me Mar 04 19:35
jjmcd Also, Chitlesh Goorah agreed to provide some data on EDA which we overlooked in F10 RNs Mar 04 19:35
jjmcd Annnd still more Mar 04 19:35
jjmcd I pushed F10 update, marked it LIVE but no joy on d.fp.o Mar 04 19:35
jjmcd Been fighting some hardware failures so havent pursued too aggressively Mar 04 19:36
Sparks jjmcd: That's a quaid thing... (the d.fp.o issue) Mar 04 19:36
*quaid looks back in Mar 04 19:36
jjmcd Yeah, he helped me get it into git but I haven't grabbed him after it didn't show Mar 04 19:36
ryanlerch There are also lots of OPEN beats, and a lot of assigned beats that need confirmation Mar 04 19:36
ryanlerch Docs/Beats Mar 04 19:36
jjmcd errrr, cvs rather Mar 04 19:37
*ldimaggi_ has quit ("Leaving") Mar 04 19:37
*ldimaggi_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 04 19:37
quaid yeah, recruiting is probably the most important thing right now Mar 04 19:37
*dychen_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 04 19:37
quaid those beats don't fill themselves :) Mar 04 19:37
quaid jjmcd: I could just do it, but I wanted you to be able to :( Mar 04 19:37
quaid update docs.fp.o that is Mar 04 19:37
*dychen_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 04 19:37
jjmcd quaid: I thought i did what i needed to but no joy Mar 04 19:37
ryanlerch i was thinking of removing all the assignments that are yet to be confirmed and putting them back to OPEN, is that okay? Mar 04 19:38
jjmcd but like i said, i still have some things to discover Mar 04 19:38
*iarlyy has quit ("Leaving") Mar 04 19:38
jjmcd On recruiting, I think my posting may have done some good. I noticed a number of new volunteers to l10n a couple days later (lots of phil and indonesians read that forum) Mar 04 19:39
jjmcd but no joy on beat writers \ Mar 04 19:39
ryanlerch we also need dev contacts... Mar 04 19:39
Sparks jjmcd: Can you post the link to the beats so everyone can take a look to see if there is anything they would like to step up to take? Mar 04 19:39
ryanlerch Docs/Beats Mar 04 19:39
jjmcd Good plan Mar 04 19:39
laubersm can we put all the beats in a category? Mar 04 19:40
*vonbrand has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 04 19:40
jjmcd ryanlerch we might need to add a couple of beats back in, but i'm struggling with organization Mar 04 19:42
ryanlerch which beats? Mar 04 19:42
ryanlerch i am happy to keep the orgainisation in the docbook, and treat the beats as drafts of sections... Mar 04 19:42
jjmcd eclipse in, I took it out, and add in Haskell, we have a writer for that. Trouble is, Eclipse fits in with IDSs and Haskell scattered about Mar 04 19:42
jjmcd That may make more sense Mar 04 19:43
ryanlerch it is easier to play with the depth of sections in docbook Mar 04 19:43
ryanlerch once i get the source into git, you can play with it also... Mar 04 19:43
*SgtDitt ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 04 19:43
jjmcd s/IDSs/IDEs/ Mar 04 19:43
jjmcd yeah, hard to sort it in the wiki Mar 04 19:44
SgtDitt hello all? soory i'm late Mar 04 19:45
*Gaaruto has quit ("maj et shutdown") Mar 04 19:45
SgtDitt lol, or missed it Mar 04 19:45
jjmcd No, we're going on about release notes Mar 04 19:45
ryanlerch IMO, we should pull out the preview thing below the beats assignments, and just have the mockup as the place for people to check the current status of the release notes... Mar 04 19:45
jjmcd Trouble is you can't make a change and then see it right away Mar 04 19:46
jjmcd But it would make organizing easier Mar 04 19:46
ryanlerch but it will still be in the actual beat page... Mar 04 19:47
quaid the preview could be moved to another page, less distracting, etc. Mar 04 19:47
jjmcd quaid - the issue is more keeping up the structure in two places Mar 04 19:48
ryanlerch well, the preview is kinda confusing anyway, because it is such an effort to sort out the sections etc, and so much work. Mar 04 19:48
quaid oic Mar 04 19:48
laubersm if they are all in a category then you can see all the pieces lexographically, edit the one you need, then when it gets put together it goes in order.... Mar 04 19:48
laubersm Category:Release Notes Drafts or Category:Documentation Beats whatever... Mar 04 19:49
Sparks I thought they were in their own category. Mar 04 19:49
Sparks Ten minutes warning, BTW. Mar 04 19:50
ryanlerch but when you move sections up or down you need to manually change ==headers== to ===headers=== and vice versa Mar 04 19:50
*bpepple|lt (n=bpepple| has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 04 19:50
laubersm Oh? Mar 04 19:50
jjmcd Yeah, oh Mar 04 19:51
quaid yeah, there really isn't that much value in trying to mirror the wiki beats to the final structure. Mar 04 19:51
quaid I don't think it matters to writers; they only care about their beat Mar 04 19:51
*warren has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 04 19:51
quaid the preview then becomes superfluous to them. Mar 04 19:51
jjmcd So yeah, probably better to just get rid of it Mar 04 19:51
ryanlerch good, will remove it later today... Mar 04 19:52
laubersm Some are in a cat - many are not... Mar 04 19:52
ryanlerch on a side note, i have been playing around with some scripts to generate package manifests: Mar 04 19:52
quaid do you all have any more actions around recruiting beat writers? Mar 04 19:52
ryanlerch Mar 04 19:52
ryanlerch that is a list of all 11 000+ packages in fedora everything.... Mar 04 19:53
ryanlerch it is just something i am working on... :P Mar 04 19:53
quaid ryanlerch: pretty cool Mar 04 19:53
jjmcd Now the interesting bit is assigning them to beats Mar 04 19:53
*ianweller has no clue why we would ever want all the packages and their descriptions in the release notes Mar 04 19:53
ryanlerch not really release notes... Mar 04 19:54
*quaid has done his recruiting shout out and now returns to packing Mar 04 19:54
jjmcd ianweller: The beat writer often needs help figuring out what it in his beat, tho Mar 04 19:54
ryanlerch they are sorted by the RPM group btw... Mar 04 19:54
laubersm has some of the beats but not all - I'm not sure that is the best cat name for them though Mar 04 19:54
jjmcd Indeed, a lot of those arent beats. We should have a documentation_beats cat Mar 04 19:55
laubersm jjmcd, go to it :) Mar 04 19:56
Sparks Okay, anything else for this? Mar 04 19:57
laubersm Also what are the Docs/Beats/* pages? many are not in any cat Mar 04 19:57
laubersm Are they the old names? Mar 04 19:57
jjmcd 3 min for IG, UG, SG, SELG Mar 04 19:57
jjmcd Yes Mar 04 19:57
ryanlerch we cant go overtime? Mar 04 19:57
Sparks We can, I guess. Mar 04 19:58
jjmcd now named Documentation_xxx_beat Mar 04 19:58
laubersm we may have to go back to docs but I can stay for overtime Mar 04 19:58
laubersm jjmcd, then all the DOcs/Beats/* pages can be archived? Mar 04 19:58
laubersm :) Mar 04 19:59
jjmcd I believe it. I thinkl they are all just redirects ... hard to tell Mar 04 19:59
laubersm Not all - we can talk later and I'll point you to the ones I was wondering about Mar 04 20:00
*laubersm is done planting wiki cleanup ideas Mar 04 20:00
*jjmcd will be trying to make more headway on DevTools tomorrow, but Friday is for fixing the laptop (assuming the part arrives as promised) Mar 04 20:01
Sparks Okay, let's move to the "anything else" category and then move this discussion over to #f-docs. Mar 04 20:01
*Parafeed has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 04 20:02
SgtDitt I saw a note in the mailing list that the AG may getg shelved. is this due to lack of updates? Mar 04 20:02
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Open Discussion Mar 04 20:02
*danielsmw wanted to talk about the UG a bit but can do that in f-docs Mar 04 20:02
Sparks danielsmw: Go for it. Mar 04 20:02
jjmcd I think lack of owner Mar 04 20:02
SgtDitt ok. Mar 04 20:02
SgtDitt I'll pick it up Mar 04 20:03
jjmcd If yo are volunteering tho Mar 04 20:03
jjmcd Bravo Mar 04 20:03
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - User Guide Mar 04 20:03
danielsmw Okay well Mar 04 20:03
danielsmw I wanted to bring up a question more than an update really Mar 04 20:03
danielsmw Do we have any formal documents or guides focused toward new users besides the UG? Mar 04 20:04
danielsmw The reason I ask Mar 04 20:04
danielsmw I that I think it would be useful to have... Mar 04 20:04
danielsmw I guess... a *nix-theory document Mar 04 20:04
danielsmw The UG gives new users a practical cookbook for doing things on Fedora Mar 04 20:04
danielsmw but it's hard to be a proficient linux user without understanding at least the philosohphy behind how certain things work. Mar 04 20:05
danielsmw Do we have anyhting like this? Mar 04 20:05
danielsmw s/anyhting/anything/ Mar 04 20:05
SgtDitt seems a bit beyond the scope of the docs project. Mar 04 20:05
Sparks I don't think there is a problem including some basic *nix usage but we shouldn't sway too far from Fedora. Mar 04 20:05
danielsmw Sparks: Agreed, should have clarified. Mar 04 20:05
SgtDitt basic, intermediate and advance use of fedora is fitting... Mar 04 20:06
jjmcd Wouldn't this help bridge the gulf between the UG and the stuff aimed at the pony tail and rope belt set? Mar 04 20:06
danielsmw I mean, I don't think we need a volume on Unix Philosphy. Mar 04 20:06
Sparks HAHAHA... pony tail and rope belt set? Mar 04 20:06
danielsmw lol Mar 04 20:07
danielsmw Yeah, I mean I think it would be useful to at least introduce the CLI, maybe the process model, etc. Mar 04 20:07
danielsmw just at a basic level with metaphors and such. Mar 04 20:07
Sparks danielsmw: Things like "ll does this" isn't a bad thing even though it is a common bash command Mar 04 20:07
danielsmw so new users can at least hope to grasp more advanced commands Mar 04 20:07
danielsmw Sparks: can you reword that? I don't see what you're saying. Mar 04 20:08
Sparks +1 Mar 04 20:08
joat jjmcd is showing his age with the pony tail and rope belt comment Mar 04 20:08
Sparks joat: Apparently Mar 04 20:08
jjmcd LOL -- Datatrieve developers Mar 04 20:08
Sparks danielsmw: I think you are on the right track. Just because something isn't specific to Fedora doesn't mean it shouldn't be explained in the FUG Mar 04 20:08
danielsmw Sparks: yeah, i figured that out before you replied, sorry. :-) Mar 04 20:08
danielsmw Anyway, that was my thought. I blogged about it but didn't get much response. Mar 04 20:09
danielsmw I'll discuss it in IRC again later. Mar 04 20:09
danielsmw That's all I had. :-) Mar 04 20:09
jjmcd Seems like there was something on the list, did you post that? Mar 04 20:09
Sparks Go forth and prosper...  :) Mar 04 20:09
danielsmw jjmcd: Sort of Mar 04 20:09
joat I think that it should be located in a wiki so that it can be referenced by other pages Mar 04 20:09
jjmcd Suggestion, though. Go out and recruit some staff so we can keep it up Mar 04 20:09
danielsmw Back then I was thinking about just adding more advanced topics in general, but I've refined that idea, I think. Mar 04 20:09
joat "to learn more about how to save and exit vi, see such-and-such" Mar 04 20:10
jjmcd rm -f /bin/vi Mar 04 20:10
joat when talking about editing a config file Mar 04 20:10
danielsmw jjmcd: Why would you do that?! Mar 04 20:10
laubersm based on a conversation in ambassadors earlier today - ssh and scp basics would be useful. Mar 04 20:10
jjmcd solves the problem of exiting vi Mar 04 20:10
danielsmw lol Mar 04 20:10
SgtDitt love vi/vim Mar 04 20:10
jjmcd yeah, ssh/scp are pretty basic, but not widely understood by newbies Mar 04 20:11
jjmcd You know what RMS said about that Mar 04 20:11
*jsmidt ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 04 20:11
*nirik would like to butt in and note there are still some open slots for fedora classes in the classroom this weekend. ;) Docs topics would be great. Mar 04 20:11
*jjmcd would love to do something if he could find another dozen hours in the day Mar 04 20:12
*laubersm will be at basketball tourney (assuming we win Fri) Mar 04 20:12
*laubersm should clarify - laubersm watches and only wishes she could play Mar 04 20:13
Sparks Okay, anything else meeting worthy? Mar 04 20:13
jjmcd what can we do to help laubersm's team loose? Mar 04 20:14
Sparks jjmcd: vaseline? Mar 04 20:14
danielsmw lol Mar 04 20:14
jjmcd that would be cruel Sparks Mar 04 20:15
Sparks okay... Mar 04 20:15
Sparks 5 Mar 04 20:15
Sparks 4 Mar 04 20:15
Sparks 3 Mar 04 20:15
Sparks 2 Mar 04 20:15
Sparks 1 Mar 04 20:15
Sparks 0.5 Mar 04 20:15
Sparks 0.25 Mar 04 20:15
Sparks Thanks everyone for coming! Mar 04 20:15
Sparks </meeting> Mar 04 20:15