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Sparks #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: 00:02
Sparks #topic Roll Call 00:02
* Sparks 00:02
* rudi is here 00:03
* ianweller 00:03
* quaid too 00:04
quaid hail hail etc. 00:06
* Sparks waits a few more seconds for folks 00:06
Sparks #topic Last week's action items 00:07
Sparks Okay... this should be interesting... 00:07
Sparks Sparks to follow up with Pascal Calarco from News to make sure we are including all packages necessary for Zikula for them. -- Second Alarm 00:07
Sparks Okay, I sent a message to the News folks and didn't really hear anything back from them, IIRC. 00:08
Sparks I think they'll be set with what we're planning. 00:08
Sparks rudi to help sparks on changing the fedora-brand in Publican for CC license -- Second Alarm 00:08
quaid I agree, Marketing is finding it sufficient with similar needs, I reckon. 00:09
Sparks rudi: That is pretty much ready to go, correctly? 00:09
Sparks errr... correct? 00:09
* quaid rubs his hands gleefully 00:09
rudi Sparks -- yes. I have a draft that legal is happy with 00:09
Sparks rudi: Excellent. Let's push forward with that, then. 00:09
Sparks Sparks to package the three GPL editors for Zikula -- Second Alarm 00:10
Sparks Okay, I haven't had a chance to even think about that. 00:10
Sparks Can someone pick this task up for me? 00:10
Sparks We don't actually need all three packaged but it would be nice as a long term goal. We do need one of them packaged, though. 00:11
Sparks #action Sparks to send an email to the list to pass this task on. 00:12
Sparks #action Sparks to put a note on the list about Shared Open-Source Style Guide 00:12
rudi Sparks -- I have some news there 00:12
Sparks rudi: Go ahead 00:13
rudi I have approval from Red Hat legal to share the bulk of our external Style Guide 00:13
* itbegins is here now 00:13
quaid rudi: srsly? 00:14
Sparks Very cool 00:14
rudi So I have agreed to put together a subset of it for review; after that, we can share it. 00:14
quaid rudi++ 00:14
quaid rudi: am I correct that this is the RHT internal style guide/"word usage" document? 00:15
rudi Yes -- those documents 00:15
* quaid faints with happiness 00:15
* Sparks fans quaid 00:15
Sparks rudi: Any idea when this might be available? 00:16
rudi There is material there that represents internal Red Hat legal advice and brand considerations that we will not be able to share -- but for the most part, that stuff is irrelevant to anyone else who wants to use it. 00:16
rudi Sparks -- at the moment, I'm bogged down in the preparations for RHEL5.4, which is why I've been quiet on the Fedora front for the last few weeks 00:16
* quaid sorry for the drama, it's just good stuff and a nice leg up for everyone 00:16
rudi I expect to have a draft together for legal to review within the next 2 weeks or so 00:17
quaid rudi: feel free to draw on me in any way, such as helping pre-review before legal, etc. 00:17
rudi quaid -- thanks 00:17
quaid aye, thank you 00:17
Sparks rudi: That's cool. 00:18
Sparks rudi: BTW, when is 5.4 going to hit the streets? 00:18
rudi I'd have to check to see what the public is supposed to know :) 00:18
Sparks Gees... 00:19
Sparks I have many servers that are aching to upgrade 00:19
Sparks  :) 00:19
rudi Wikipedia doesn't know ;) 00:19
Sparks Okay, moving on... 00:19
Sparks #action Sparks to create BZ component Deployment Guide --Third alarm 00:19
Sparks #action Sparks to write up CVE checking/validation procedures in the wiki --third alarm 00:20
Sparks ianweller to do something useful and write a draft announcement 00:20
Sparks DONE 00:20
Sparks jjmcd to do recon on Zikula for useful docs 00:20
Sparks DONE and found none 00:20
quaid Sparks: I find Wikipedia makes good guesses there :) 00:20
Sparks I think this is all the old business. Does anyone have anything else that is old business/tasks? 00:21
quaid whoops, withdrawn :) 00:21
Sparks quaid: Ya... we were just talking about that today. 00:21
Sparks Okay, moving on 00:21
Sparks #topic Status on CMS (Zikula) <-- ke4qqq 00:21
Sparks #link Zikula#Module_status 00:22
Sparks I don't think ke4qqq is here tonight... 00:22
Sparks Does anyone have an update on Zikula? 00:22
itbegins The instance for marketing is moving along fast 00:22
itbegins but that will pass by the blockers for docs 00:22
itbegins on the plus side, puppetization etc will be partly done for docs purposes by marketing 00:22
Sparks +1 00:23
itbegins The same with performance checks etc 00:23
Sparks That's good. 00:23
itbegins So, IMHO if we can get the last few modules packaged, a roll out for immediately following the F12 change freeze is perfectly achievable 00:23
Sparks itbegins: Can you provide a delta of what we need versus what we have, package wise, to stand up the docs instance? 00:24
* quaid calls for a wiki page to be created! 00:24
itbegins packaging side, we need one of mediashare or mediaattach packaged 00:24
itbegins otherwise you have no media manager 00:24
* Sparks points quaid to the link at the top of this topic discussion 00:25
itbegins and preferably one editor - unless you like hard coding HTML 00:25
itbegins and of course we need the theme packaged 00:25
itbegins With those three, I think you are ready to go 00:25
* Sparks thinks the theme is packaged and ready 00:25
itbegins and over time we can upgrade the instance with more features as they come online 00:25
itbegins Sparks: yes, but I wouldn't call the files currently in git production ready 00:26
itbegins I made that theme using File>Save as in Firefox, and a quick n dirty conversion 00:26
quaid heh 00:26
itbegins there will be all sorts of useful images and possibly css missing from that 00:26
itbegins the correct way to do it would be to convert based on the files currently in the websites git repository 00:26
quaid itbegins: I think we showed it to mizmo though, I'll make sure she's on the bz for that package review 00:26
quaid ... and anyone know that bz # for the theme? 00:27
itbegins If Mizmo approves, then I defer to her - she's also runnign point for the marketing team on design issues 00:27
itbegins Content and Mediashare are blocking on the window library 00:28
itbegins it just so happens I've had experience with the replacement suggested by stickster_afk in the last couple of weeks at work, so I could in theory make those changes for you 00:28
itbegins But it will take me some time to get up to speed with the modules and figure out the needed changes 00:28
itbegins Equally there may already be someone working on making that very change 00:29
* Sparks is back 00:30
Sparks Sorry, storm and power outage 00:30
Sparks Are we done with the CMS discussion? 00:30
quaid I'm updating the modules list a bit from this discussion 00:31
Sparks #chair quaid 00:31
Sparks quaid: Excellent, thank you. 00:31
quaid #task need to resolve theme package, review, and Design Team help; borrow from FI work? 00:31
itbegins Sparks: 00:32
itbegins Log from when you last typed 00:32
Sparks itbegins: Thanks! 00:32
itbegins Anyway, if we're agreed we're going to miss Fedora 12 for the docs instance, then there is much less pressure on timescales for the CMS project 00:33
Sparks quaid: Can you talk to mizmo tomorrow and make sure she's on the same pages as us? 00:33
quaid Sparks: got it 00:33
Sparks itbegins: Agreed. 00:33
Sparks quaid: Cool, thanks. 00:33
Sparks #action quaid to follow up with Mizmo on the Zikula theme 00:34
Sparks Anything else on the CMS/Zikula? 00:34
Sparks #topic Status on CC license rollout.\ 00:35
Sparks #link License_changeover_schedule 00:35
Sparks rudi: So we now have a happy version of the license page for Publican, correct? 00:35
rudi Sparks -- correct 00:36
Sparks rudi: I'm assuming you are updating this in Publican 1.0... can you patch the 0.44 version as well? 00:36
quaid are we subject to Infrastructure freeze for this change? 00:36
quaid i.e. wiki, websites, etc. 00:36
Sparks maybe 00:36
rudi Sparks -- I'm not sure -- I will have to check with Jeff (who is on leave at the moment) 00:36
Sparks ianweller: What's the procedure for updating the license of the wiki? 00:37
Sparks rudi: Okay, that's cool. 00:37
ianweller we stuff some variables in LocalSettings.php 00:37
ianweller which is in puppet, in our case 00:37
rudi I suspect that it may just end up in the "unofficial" patch that I maintain on my Fedorapeople page 00:37
ianweller and then it adds the cute little button to the bottom automatically i believe 00:37
Sparks #action rudi to follow up with Jeff about changing the license information in Publican 0.44 and 1.0 00:37
rudi ianweller -- what button? 00:37
Sparks uh oh 00:38
Sparks  :) 00:38
quaid is there a chance that a current version of Fedora won't have Publican 1.0? 00:38
ianweller rudi: the cc icon 00:38
ianweller 00:38
ianweller that thing 00:38
rudi ianweller -- we can't use the icon 00:38
quaid +1 to button website 00:38
ianweller *thud* 00:38
quaid not for publican 00:38
Sparks rudi: I'd prefer that the license information go into the official release but I know you know that. 00:38
ianweller well we can for the wiki 00:38
rudi We can't use it for the wiki 00:38
ianweller why not 00:38
quaid rudi: I understood Richard to be talking about the legal notice for Publican 00:39
ianweller sure we can't redistribute it but we're not 00:39
ianweller we're just hotlinking it 00:39
quaid right because of the redistrib. 00:39
rudi quaid -- if you read his emails, he talks about both 00:39
rudi ianweller -- yes, but it's an unfree element appearing on a Fedora page 00:39
rudi Therefore, we can't use it. 00:39
Sparks I have a problem with his interpretation of not using it on the wiki... 00:39
ianweller augghhghhggghsdoagosrgjwjgoajldfjksfakgherjkojar <-- what is going through my mind right now 00:39
quaid um 00:39
Sparks the Fedora logo is an unfree element and yet we use it on the webpages 00:40
ianweller that's correct! 00:40
quaid so is ServerBeach's logo 00:40
ianweller fedora logo is non-redistributable 00:40
rudi Sparks -- yes, but it's an unfree element that we own 00:40
quaid and Dell's 00:40
ianweller we don't own the dell logo 00:40
quaid 00:40
Sparks and we are using the CC logo per its terms of use 00:40
quaid ok, I'll re-read richard's email, and then we'll ask him for clarification. 00:40
* Sparks finds it increadibly ironic that the very symbol of freedom is an unfree element. 00:41
quaid well, it's a trademark, in't? 00:41
Sparks yeah 00:41
quaid Fedora is for freedom, but our logo sure ain't free 00:41
Sparks exactly 00:41
Sparks #action quaid to follow up with Richard about the use of the CC logo on the wiki. 00:43
Sparks ianweller: So is the infrastructure freeze going to affect the license change? 00:43
ianweller yyyyyyyyyno it should be minor 00:43
ianweller ricky: ping ^^ 00:43
ricky ianweller: pong 00:44
ricky Ugh, are we going to run into pain for our sponsors page? 00:44
ianweller ricky: if i send a patch to the infra list saying "here's what i'm doing to change the license on the wiki" and it gets 2 +1s then it's ok during a freeze right? 00:44
ianweller ricky: well that wasn't why i pinged you but possibly :( 00:44
ricky Yup as long as it's low risk and doesn't have a high chance of breaking anything else :-) 00:44
ricky So more than likely, yes :-) 00:45
ianweller yeh it prolly won't! 00:45
Sparks okay... 00:46
Sparks anything else about the license change? 00:46
rudi It might be worth checking with Richard Fontana about the logos on the sponsors page 00:47
Sparks quaid: Can you tack that onto your discussion? 00:47
quaid rudi: "These are not the droids you are looking for." 00:47
quaid Sparks: "These are not the droids you are looking for." 00:47
Sparks quaid: huh? 00:47
quaid "Move along" 00:47
Sparks roger 00:48
Sparks #topic Draft Documentation on the wiki 00:48
Sparks #link 00:48
Sparks For anyone looking for something more to do... ^^^ 00:48
quaid get out your machete 00:48
Sparks Yeah... we probably need to go through that and see what's stale 00:49
Sparks Anything else on this? 00:49
quaid Hint: if it's in Archive:, it's stale 00:49
quaid do we want to do something about it for real? 00:50
Sparks sure 00:50
quaid i.e., do an online sprint some time? 00:50
quaid do we have any "lulls" in the F12 storm? 00:50
Sparks Not especially 00:50
Sparks  :) 00:50
Sparks I think a lot of what I'm seeing in the Archive: can be deleted/removed. 00:51
Sparks It appears that it has been incorporated into a DocBook guide 00:51
quaid OK, maybe a post-F12 fun activity 00:52
quaid we'll all buy our own beer, etc. 00:52
Sparks ianweller: [Category:Delete] 00:52
Sparks ianweller: What happened to the delete policy? There are 97 pages ready to be blasted! 00:52
ianweller yay more work 00:52
ianweller Sparks: i don't do anything about it until someone mentions it 00:52
ianweller ^_^ 00:52
ianweller so i'll do something about it 00:53
Sparks ianweller: I know you have a big red button over there that nukes all those pages 00:53
ianweller no but ricky does, it's called "nuke db2" 00:53
ianweller  ;) 00:54
Sparks Yikes 00:54
ianweller yeah i'll go thruogh those tonight just for you 00:54
* ianweller stops holding up the meeting 00:54
Sparks Okay, so that should clear up some items... :) 00:54
Sparks Anything else? 00:54
Sparks #topic Guide needs? 00:55
Sparks Anyone have a guide that is in need? 00:55
Sparks #topic New Guides 00:56
Sparks Okay, I have one... 00:56
Sparks I've Publicanized (apparently not the first person to do this) the old Accessibility information that used to go out with the RNs. 00:56
Sparks It is on and I'm going to start updating it as I get time. 00:57
Sparks Feel free to check it out and provide patches!  :) 00:57
Sparks Does anyone else have a new guide? 00:57
Sparks #topic All other business 00:58
Sparks Okay, does anyone have anything else? 00:58
Sparks Anyone? 00:59
Sparks Anything? 00:59
itbegins *silence* 00:59
itbegins Good timing 01:00
Sparks Okay... thanks everyone for coming tonight! Don't forget to tip your wait staff. 01:00
Sparks #endmeeting 01:00